By AvatarfanSLO Part of the Avatar: The Legend of Aang: The Red Revolt continuity.
Siege of Was Na Si


Battle of Shin Yun Harbour


The Red Revolt


Coup of Ba Sing Se


Early Autumn of 100 AG


Western Earth Kingdom


Fire Nation victory


Fire Nation Domestic forces, Sokka, Katara, Aang, Hokai

The Red Revolt, Admiral Shinzou, Captain Isho


Aang, Iroh, Sokka

Admiral Shinzou

Forces involved

  • Several Fire Nation Domestic Divisions
  • Elite Fire Nation Battalion
  • Several Red Revolt Divisions
  • Elite Fire Nation Battalion (4th Company)


Several hundred killed or wounded

Several hundred killed, wounded or captured


The Siege of Was Na Si was one of the largest conflicts during the Red Revolt.


After word got out, that several former Fire Nation colonies were being overrun by the Red Revolt, Fire Lord Zuko ordered an amphibious landing on the shores of the Western Earth Kingdom to counter the attack.

The battle began when Sokka and an elite Battalion of Firebenders landed on a bay, near the beachhead, with the mission to link up with the remainder of the Invasion force and to secure the perimeter. When the unit landed on the beaches they immediately had to fight for their lives, as local Red Revolt guards staged numerous attacks on the unit. The Battalion eventually broke through the Red Revolt blockade and headed towards the beachhead. On their way, they managed to secure an enemy stronghold and captured the leader of the Regiment stationed there.

Meanwhile Aang, Katara and Hokai landed on the beachhead, with the objective to secure it. While Aang was fighting the soldiers on the beach Katara and Hokai destroyed the underwater obstacles, making it safe for the Landing force. After they destroyed all of the obstacles, Team Avatar got linked up with Sokka's force just in time. The battle was a huge success, as the Invasion forced landed unopposed.

The next day the Fire Nation Invasion force, backed up by Team Avatar charged the Red Revolt stronghold of Hon Shoi Hue, leading to a Pyrrhic victory for the Fire Nation, as the enemy stronghold was overtaken in a matter of hours.

The next day, the Invasion force moved to their next and final target, the city of Was Na Si. Again, the Fire Nation Domestic Army, backed up with the skills of Team Avatar charged and eliminated most of the resistance in the city. The leader of the Red Revolt, Admiral Shinzou got away, as he held Sokka hostage, releasing him after he boarder his War Balloon.

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