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Last time on TLAT Baizken defeats Sage Bard and is leading the imprisoned sages to freedom which include sages Sven and Amax. Elsewhere, Finosa attempts to control her purple fire, but she can not. She now attempts to escape the temple. Meanwhile, Gatton learns more of the mystery man's past.


Baizken was, overjoyed to see his father and the other sages were safe. He knew, however, that it was not over, yet. They had to decide what to do from there. All the sages must have been thinking the same thing, because they were all talking about what to do out loud.

"Alright," said an Amax who had lost his calm demeanor. "What are we supposed to do now? Has anyone seen Raingeous?"

Amax didn't know. He didn't know that Raingeous and Bard were behind the recent coup. He probably had no idea what had happened. Suddenly, another sage chimed in.

"Let's get out of here and get those... Um, who attacked us?" asked a sage.

"You don't remember?" asked Baizken.

"Well, kid, we were knocked out cold by them before we could even blink," another sage said in a snotty tone, who emerged from the dusky place.

The crowd was thickening. There were a lot of sages in the prison room now. He lost sight of his father. They needed to talk about what Baizken had saw. Baizken got back to his dad, who was talking to Amax and Sage Halois. They were discussing their next move and a bunch of nonsense about a prophecy. Baizken didn't believe in prophecies, exactly. He truly, in his mind, thought of the spirits as fairy tales.

"Dad, I have to talk to you," said Baizken.

Baizken told his dad, and the two other sages nearby, every thing that happened. The two sages on the thrown, how he got through the catacombs, the assassins who'd tried to get him, and how he found them. He chose to leave out the part about killing Bard on purpose. What would his dad think of him?

"We need to take back this temple," said a courageous Halois

"I can't believe it," said a somber Amax ignoring the current conversation, "I thought thought he had changed."

"Changed?" remarked Sven

"This is not the first time they've butted heads." a sage remarked quietly in the back round. The sage was wiry with a small little beard that looked like an icicle coming from his chin. He had a pair of spectacles that made him look older than he was. If Baizken would have guessed he'd say 59 or so. The sage continued, "Back 40 years or so, when Raingeous was Amax's pupil..."

"I shall tell this story, Pytharus," said Amax cutting him off.

"I first met Raingeous when he was in his 20-30's. He was full of hurt and anger. He had lost his only kin. He was not a powerful bender, but that didn't matter. I taught him everything I know and he flourished. One day I decided I'd teach him the Sun warrior's technique. I thought he was ready for that kind of power. I was wrong. He loved the moved and practiced when ever he could. He could make it so powerful that it would flash so bright when it hit something. He didn't stop there. I warned him that no body could stand that kind of pressure, but he defied me. He said that I couldn't, but he could, and he did. It was now, so strong that even looking at it made your eyes burn. He had to practice on the roof of the temple, so he didn't hit anything," Amax explained.

Baizken looked at the faces around him. Now all the sages had gathered around to listen.

"Could you find me some water? I'm parched," said Amax.

The walking was starting to take its toll. Finosa started down the hall again. She'd found a room that was filled with weapons and she took a few stilettos to use, just in case. She had not seen many guards, but it was day time maybe they were like wolf-bats. The sages she did see, she was able to sneak around. Finally she saw the exit. It was not guarded, which she found odd. Maybe, they were still gone from when her and Baizken entered. "Well, guess it's time to leave," she said.

She started toward the door. Her arm was still bound, but she thought the bleeding had stopped. It was hard to walk. Her joints ached and her body needed sleep. She was going to get help once she got home. She yawned and stopped for a moment. She was walking to the door. A buzzing sound was all she heard and a moment all she had. She ducked down to the ground and looked back. A solo man dressed in light armor was standing behind her. His shoulder pads had spikes that were very eery looking. His armor on his arm big and bulky, but apparently light-weight. His helmet resembled a giant scull. What freaked out Finosa more than anything was his face. His eyes tiny slits watching her like a snake waiting to strike and black as a starless night. His mouth was covered by his armor, but she could tell he was smirking. On his fore head ran a cut that looked as if it had just started to heal came down all the way to where nose started. He looked like he was going to kill someone. Finosa tried to think of something cocky to pull off a bluff.

"Sages' budget tight this year," she said, trying to get the trembling out of her voice. All she heard was a small grunt from him.

"Because they can only afford one guard," she said.

"Foolish girl, in this armor, I'm all the protection they'll need," said the man in the armor, "I took down the sages, I took down the Avatar, and I will take you down to. I am Head Assassin Sulu!" said Sulu.

Finosa did not want to fight him.

Meanwhile, after a drink of water, Amax continued his story. "He no longer could use that move to take someone down; it was just a move for killing. I took him to town with me to talk about the matter. He treated it as if it were not an issue, and thanked me for teaching him the technique. But said that he had perfected it," Amax continued.

"Cursed, lightning," Sven said under his breath. Baizken had never seen his father angry before and he did not like it.

"That's when it happened. A thief had taken a woman's purse and we pursued the thief. We had him cornered in an alleyway, the mugger had resorted to firebending and he was pretty good. We could have beaten him easily, but he caught off guard and propelled himself to the roof tops. We continued to chase him, but I got tired before both of them. Now it was only Raingeous and the thief. He chased him well, but soon the thief had built quite a lead. They both jumped back down to the streets and continued running. They were almost out of sight now so I propelled myself into the air toward them. Raingeous stopped. He put his two fingers together. He was going to do it. He moved them all around him increasing his precision. He prepared to strike and I closed my eyes. The horrid noise still rings through my ears..." he said as his voice trailed.

Amax stopped. His eyes watered and a tear fell down his elderly face. He seemed to have more regret than anyone could have in a lifetime. It was just one thief. This made Baizken think. What would the sages say or think when they saw the dead sage. What was he going to do say "Pay no attention to the sage, dead as a door nail"?

"Well enough of this, let's get out of here," exclaimed a more upbeat Amax whose thoughts had moved on. And so they left. They exited the room and walked down the halls. Fortunately, they walked in the opposite direction of Bard's body.

The break room was full of tension. Gatton was anxious to get out of there. That mystery man was starting to make Gatton edgy. At any moment, he could make him disappear.

Gatton stood up and looked at the man. He felt like the man hated using his powers and would never use them on a human being. Gatton went over to the drink station and got himself some tea.

"So, do you have a plan?" asked Gatton

"To have a plan, we must have a goal," said Smoke.

"Wait, did you here that?" said the Avatar.

"What, I didn't here anything," said the man.

"Anyway, what should we do?" Gatton asked.

"I don't know?" replied the man.

"Well, let's try to get to the temple meeting room and go from there," Gatton began.

"I hear it now to; they're foot steps," said the man, and, Gatton, quickly stepped forward.

"Let's ambush them. They'll never no it was coming...," said Gatton.

"Smoke," said the man.

"Huh?" Gatton whispered.

"You can call me, Smoke," replied Smoke.

"Okay, Smoke; on the count of three," said Gatton.

Elsewhere, the sages proudly marched down the hall. They took out a few assassins and traitorous sages along the way. Walking as one.

"This is going good," said Baizken.

His father looked at him with a glance.

"Going well, going well. Sorry, dad," changing his word.

The army continued to march, preparing for another attack. Suddenly, out of a break room came two men covered in smoke. One launched a huge wave of fire while the other seem to dance around. Could Baizken's day get any weirder. The sages marched toward the men, still attacking. Just to discover it, was the Avatar.

"Dad?" said Sven.

"Son," said Gatton

"Grandpa!" said Baizken in a very excited sound, cheering and jumping toward his grandfather.

They all sat in the crowded break room and exchanged stories. Grandpa was not shocked to much by the fact of Raingeous being a traitor and he exclaimed, "A tigerdillo never changes his stripes."

They all got together and started talking about a plan. To take back the capitol and temple. Some opposed, but one plan rose above the others and they decided to use it. They would have to go after Raingeous head on.

Finosa was terrified of facing the man. He walked closer to her which scared her even more.

"Unlike the others, I have not been ordered to keep you alive. So, come quietly or else," he made a hand motion of a knife on a throat as he said this.

The city was awake and buzzing. People went down to the market place and got food, kids went to school, and people had breakfast it was a wonderful day. 50 men marched from the temple each wearing assassin style clothes. Raingeous had sent them down to the city to proclaim him king. They corralled all most of the citizens to town square; where they were told of the other sages treachery. But, Raingeous saved them from a future dictatorship. The assassins told them that they were citizens chosen by the new king to guard and help the nation. The crowd was confused they did not know what to think. They just went back to there lives, under the watch of assassins.

Finosa was not going to back down. She launched some small flames at the man. He chuckled and dodge with ease. She launched a left handed fire jab at him, being her other arm bound and broken. He dodged that one, as well.

"My turn!" he yelled.

He launched to stilettos out of his wrist. there must have been a gear operated wrist launcher in the bulky shoulders. She ran to the right and dodged them, barely. She tried throwing he own stiletto, but her long-distance accuracy was not any good with her left hand. The man continued to walk toward her. She managed to open the huge door, and walked out. The man shot to more stilettos, but they hit only a shut door. Sulu ran toward the door and opened it. Finosa couldn't find Duma. She looked where she had landed him, but the dragon was gone. The man was now outside and following her. She would have to stand her ground and fight.

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