By Waterkai and Vaznock Part of the Kyoshi Revolts continuity.
Siege of Kyoshi Island



Water Tribe Rebellion


Battle at Kein Forest


The War


107 AG


Kyoshi Island


Fire Nation victory


Fire Nation

Kyoshi Island


  • Oyaji

Forces involved

  • Fire Nation Military
  • Kyoshi Warriors


  • Some warriors
  • Kyoshi Warriors
  • Kyoshi Island renamed to Zula Island
  • All civilians become slaves


The Siege of Kyoshi Island was a siege, led by Azula to conquer the last remaining piece of free Earth Kingdom ground.


When Suki and the Kyoshi Warriors left Kyoshi Island to fight for the Earth Kingdom, some Kyoshi Warriors stayed behind to train new Warriors. Later, Phoenix King Ozai conquered the Earth Kingdom together with his daughter, Azula during the Day of Sozin's Comet, and destroyed many other lands later on. Eventually, Kyoshi Island was the only thing standing between world domination for the Fire Nation. Eventually, Fire Lord Azula decided that the time was right to attack Kyoshi Island with her two closest allies, Mai and Ty Lee. Azula didn't want the island being lost, so she decided to set up a plan in wich she could conquer Kyoshi Island without doing much damage. After the Recapture of Omashu, she spent two years figuring out how she could to that and eventually made a plan. She searched for the best non-firebender warriors in the whole Fire Nation and came up with a group that included the Dai Li, Yu Yan archers and Fire Nation mercenaries.

The Siege

Cutting off the Food

The first part of Azula's plan was cutting off the trade routes from and to the island. She ordered Mai to do this, and Mai began with destroying the small fishing villages on the island, and attacked diverse larger towns who were economically very important for the island. Fire Nation ships patrolled day and night around the island, searching for a brave civilian who dared fishing to save their family. The fishermen who were caught were hacked to pieces and thrown back in the sea. When seeing parts of dead bodies, nobody dared to fish anymore.

Sneak Attack

On the island, everybody was in panic. All the civilians asked for help to Oyaji, who didn't know what to do. He set up a council including important generals, ministers, and the new leader of the Kyoshi Warriors. They came to a conclusion that they had to strike at the heart of the enemy troops: the Royal Ship where Azula, Mai and Ty Lee were positioned. The Kyoshi Warriors sneaked out of the island at night, running from ship to ship until they came to the Royal Ship. They were just about to assassinate Azula when Ty Lee, who couldn't sleep, showed up and attacked them, awakening Azula. Soon, the whole ship was awakened and the Kyoshi Warriors where all killed. Azula thanked Ty Lee for her cunning, and then ordered the leader be imprisoned. The following morning, Azula's troops marched into the island and claimed it for the Fire Nation, destroying the last hope for the Earth Kingdom.


After the victory, Azula claimed it was due her superior military insight they had achieved victory. Ty Lee soon renamed the island after Azula as 'Zula Island'. Zula Island became a popular vacation place for rich Fire Nation nobles because of its wonderful nature. All the original citizens became slaves and had to do everything to make the Fire Nation nobles comfortable. A few years later, the former leader of the Kyoshi Warriors rose up against the tyrannic rule of the Fire Nation and formed a rebellion. This failed and nearly all the members were killed. The woman was locked up forever and, besides an escape attempt, was never to seen again. But 23 years after the Siege of Kyoshi Island, a girl named Mina ended up in prison and found a letter with an escape plan from this woman. This was one of her drives to free the world, and she later was able successfully escaped, and she is now trying to free the world.

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