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By DragonGirl028 Part of the The Rise of Avatar Singi continuity.

The siege of Gai Chan was an assault by Fire Islands warlords Maku and Gaza alongside their troops on the proto-Earth Kingdom city of Gai Chan. Its takeover by the two warlords and antecedent execution of its leader, Gaogui, was the catalyst event which compelled the proto-Earth Kingdom to take up arms and declare war on the two warlords, leading to their involvement in the large-scale war that continued for an additional four years.



With the closure of the spirit portals by Avatar Wan in 9,829 BG, the spirits gained the ability to transcend into the physical world during and the days prior to the solstices. The Air Nomads and proto-Water Tribe viewed the spirits with admiration and great respect, while the proto-Earth Kingdom and regular citizens of the Fire Islands remained relatively tolerant of their presence. The warlords who competed for land on the Fire Islands, however, found the spirits to be a nuisance to their common goal of conquering land. Two warlords in particular—Maku and Gaza—eventually fled east to greener pastures in an attempt to conquer lands in the proto-Earth Kingdom continent, as well as to avoid the spirits combined with having to contend with rivaling warlords.

In Summer 9,747 BG, Maku, accompanied by Gaza and a faction of their combined troops, confronted Avatar Singi, Monk Jamyang, Guilin, and waterbending master Gekkō at Kunatuk. There, the warlords explained their reasoning for moving east before belittling the spirit-worshipping cultures for admiring "entities that should no longer have anything to do with our world". Additionally, the warlords declared that the Avatar has failed humanity as a result of the spirits' ability to transcend into the physical world on the day of and days prior to the solstices, despite the closure of the spirit portals. After suggesting that the [people of the] spirit-worshipping cultures should be enslaved, if not killed, for their admiration of the spirits, the warlords declared war on the Avatar in addition to the spirit-friendly cultures before engaging in a battle with Gekkō and the other members of Kunatuk. Gekkō urged Singi to flee, stating that her life is more valuable than his, and she reluctantly complied. The next day, the student and master would exchange letters, revealing that Gekkō and his men were able to fend off the warlords with only a few casualties, and "... If you can, only confront the warlords when you feel skilled enough to battle them." The letter ended with a statement reading "I know that in due time, you will be strong enough to put a stop to this war—this War of Spirituality."

Prior to its siege, the city of Gai Chan was one of the most prosperous and peaceful settlements in the proto-Earth Kingdom continent. The people were respectful and lenient towards the spirits, and thus, there were little to no negative confrontations between the residents of the city and the spirits. Gai Chan was ruled for a long time by Gaogui, a non-bender, but well-revered man who put [the care of] his people before himself, making frequent check-ins to every residence, and working hard to improve the city and its amenities to those that lived there. Gaogui's reputation was so well-known, that he and Gai Chan were practically famous to all earthbenders throughout the proto-Earth Kingdom, to the point where they needed to expand the city to accommodate additional people who wanted to settle down in the location.



A couple of hours after dawn, Maku, Gaza, and their army of over 100 men strategically ambushed Gai Chan. After ordering most of their men to gather the residents of the city to the main square outside of Gaogui's office building, the two warlords made their way to Gaogui's office, with a small group of their followers, where they took Gaogui hostage. Gaogui's guards were immobilized by the small band of troops that had accompanied the warlords to the building.

During this time, General Dao received word of the ongoing ambush of Gai Chan. As quickly as they could, he, his 20-strong men, Singi, Jiefeng, and Jamyang made their way to Lychee—Jamyang's air bison—and took off to the city. Guilin, meanwhile, was ordered by his father to remain in their settlement, not wanting his now teenage son to be heavily injured, if not killed.

Landing some ways outside of the city, the group (minus the two hybrid animals) carefully made their way inside the city and stationed themselves behind a few buildings bordering the main square, by which time had been filled with the city's residents. Eavesdropping, they found Maku and Gaza's armed troops standing at attention along Gaogui's office building, and soon after, the two warlords burst out of the building, Gaogui's wrists tied behind his back and each warlord gripping him by the shoulder, leading him to the front of the complex just before the small stairway down to the main square. Additionally, Maku had his dao placed along Gaogui's neck. Gaogui, in the meantime, showed no signs of fear, and kept his eyes to the ground at all times. The two warlords set him down to kneel before the crowd, while the onlookers, including Dao and the others, grew increasingly nervous, Singi and Jamyang especially, knowing too well the danger these warlords posed.

With Gaza keeping ahold of Gaogui's right shoulder, and moving his niuweidao to his right side, Maku once again begins another speech.

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