Siege Of The Northern Air Temple Part 2
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The Warped Unknown


Book 1: Bugs



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February 16, 2014

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Siege Of The Northern Air Temple Part 1

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Speaking: Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, Zuko, Appa

Aang: "Saddle up Appa while I get ready!"

Katara: "But Aang, you're still injured!"

Aang: "That doesn't matter now!"

Katara: "Oh, this is such a bad idea!"

Katara left Aang's room to go saddle up Appa, and on her way to the backyard she notified the others of their sudden departure.

Sokka: "The Northern Air Temple? Not good!"

Toph: "It's probably those lizard people again."

Katara: "It doesn't matter who it is, just get your combat gear!"

Katara rushes out the back door to Appa's pen, and used her water bending to saddle Appa.

Appa: "ROARR!"

Katara: "Sorry buddy, I know you aren't used to the saddle, but we need you!"

Appa: *Snort*

Once everyone was ready had their gear and was ready to fight, they boarded Appa.

Aang: "Appa, Yip! Yip!"

Speaking: Temple Villagers, All Bristaljos, Katara, Aang

As the fiery battle waged on, the Northern Air Temple became a war zone. Sadly, the villagers were no match for the Bristaljos's tech. Slowly but surely, the Bristaljos gained ground. The situation was hopeless, with hundreds killed, and the savage aliens' blasters firing non-stop, the battle seemed lost. That's when Aang rode in. The entire temple broke out in cheers at the sight of the Avatar, and for even more effect, Appa landed right on a battalion of troopers. As the gang leaped off Appa they all joined the battle Katara opened her water pouches and proceeded to whip several aliens. At her back was Toph, who was having WAY too much fun with squashing the Bristaljos. Zuko was like a one-man army, igniting soldier after soldier. Sokka was going ballistic with boomerang and his sword. Even Appa pitched in, swatting and squashing soldiers like flies. The star of the show though, was Aang. NOTHING could match Aang's epic power as he lashed every last soldier that tried to fight him with the four elements. Then, several soldiers ambushed Aang from above, and he was soon pinned down in pile of Bristaljos.

Katara: "Aang! No!"

Then the pile of squirming aliens started to glow, and Katara smiled broadly. With a flash of bright light, Aang incinerated the pile of aliens, and emerged in the Avatar State. After that, Aang was unstoppable. Burning, whipping, crushing, blowing every Bristaljos in his way. The tide had turned, and the villagers seemed to be winning, and that's when it happened. Out of nowhere, the general leaped out of the horde of Bristaljos, and stabbed Aang. With a deafening fizzle, Aang exited the Avatar State, and fell to the ground.

General: "The Avatar has FALLEN!"

Katara: (Tears up) "No..."

After that, the horde surged forth, killing and destroying everything in its path. Katara was now enraged, and she whipped every alien that she could get her hands on. Then she battled her way to the general, and confronted him.

Katara: "You monster..."

General: (Laughs evilly) "Silly little girl, did you really think I would just cower and run at the sight of your boyfriend? NEVER."

Outraged at the general's remark, Katara engaged with him in combat. The general extended his wrist claws, and leaped at Katara. Katara dodged and countered by bending a huge chunk of ice at him. She hit the general, and he was thrown back. Shortly after though, the general cut himself loose from the ice and charged Katara.

Katara: (Thinking) *That's it! I can blood bend him!*

As Katara got into her stance, the general picked up speed. Once ready, Katara used blood bending on the general.

Nothing happened, and Katara panicked. Just as she readied her water whip, the general struck. Katara was out cold, and then Sokka saw her on the ground.

Sokka: "Retreat!"

As everyone fell back, Sokka sneaked around the horde and grabbed Aang and Katara.

Sokka: "Everyone on Appa NOW!"

As the gang retreated on Appa, they witnessed the last of the villagers run away. The temple was lost to the aliens.

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