Siege Of The Northern Air Temple Part 1
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The Warped Unknown


Book 1: Bugs



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February 15, 2014

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The Portal

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Siege Of The Northern Air Temple Part 2

Speaking: Sokka, Toph, Zuko, Katara

The trio bursts thought the door in deep conversation

Sokka: "...and then I threw my boomerang, and the whole ship went down!"

Toph: "That was the best part! Totally awesome."

Katara: "You're all a pack of chattering hog-monkeys! I take it something happened?"

Sokka: "Oh something happened! The Aliens attacked again."

Toph: "We whipped their hides."

Zuko: "And we won. Big deal."

Sokka: "Party Pooper. You were supposed to say something cool to finish the sentence!"

Zuko: "Whatever."

Toph: (Mocks Zuko) "Blehh.. Whatever."

Zuko: "Quit it Toph!"

Katara: "Wait a minute, you saw the aliens?"

Zuko: "Yeah, and they had this big ship with them."

Katara: "That can't be good."

Sokka: "From everything I've seen and heard, it looks like the aliens are building up their forces, and are striking in different locations. Question is, where will they strike next?"

Speaking: Bristaljos General, Bristaljos Captain

Captain: "The Invasion force is ready sir."

General: "Everything?"

Captain: "Yes sir."

General: "The infantry?"

Captain: "Yes."

General: "The warships?"

Captain: "Yes."

General: "The Footman?"

Captain: "Yes."

General: "My Ship?"

Captain: "Of course sir."

General: "Then get those low life scientists to open the portal, and let my invasion force bring chaos to this world!"

Speaking: All Bristaljos, Air temple villagers

Drone: Portal open sir.

A gargantuan white portal opens, and the equally massive Bristaljos army marches through the portal. The General is wearing special clad bio-suit armor for the invasion, and leads his army through the portal.


As the last of the army marches through, the portal closes.

Drone 1: So where did you send them?

Drone 2: I really have no idea.

Drone 1: "The Lord's gonna have our heads for this!"

The large white vortex opened up at the base of the Northern Air Temple, and the general's forces began to use their razor claws to climb the mountains side. This is when they were noticed by some villagers at the top.

Temple Villager 1: "We're being attacked!"

Temple Villager 2: "By What?"

Temple Villager 1: "I don't know, but they're gaining ground, and FAST!"

Temple Villager 2: "I'll get Teo, you warn the others!"

Temple Villager 1: "Sounds like a plan!"

The villagers spread the news of the invasion, and within five minutes the entire temple was ready to put up a fight. Everyone was at their battle stations, with everyone doing something. Women prepared healing remedies and food, while the men took to arms. By the time the temple was ready, the Bristaljos had reached the top.

General: "People of this settlement! We are here to take your land as a base of operation! If you surrender, there will be no bloodshed. If not, the consequences will be... unfortunate."

Teo: "We'll never surrender our home to you scumbags!"

General & Teo in stereo: "ATTACK!"

Speaking: Aang, Katara, Messenger

There is a loud rapping on the door to Aang's house, Katara walks to the door and answers.

Messenger: I have an urgent message to the Avatar!

Katara: He is injured right now, can I take his message?

Messenger: "Take this to him."

The messenger hands her a tube of paper coiled and sealed. Katara bids the messenger farewell, and she closes the door. She then heads to the back room, and hands the paper to Aang. He unseals it, and reads it. His face has A look of horror on it.

Katara: "Aang, what's wrong?"

Aang: "The Northern Air Temple is being attacked!"

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