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By Twilitlink Part of the Avatar: Wanted continuity.
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Fire Nation


97 AG

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Nero (deceased)


Adoption by Nero

When Sid was a pup he was captured by a group of poachers and was sold to a Fire Nation zoo. At the zoo Sid was rejected by the wolve's and was left alone. He always ate last and was constantly being pushed away when he tried to join the pack. One day Sid was taken out of the exhibit and brought to a young man who looked at the wolf with pity. The man knelt down and offered his hand to the animal. Sid sniffed the human's hand and then bit him. As the zoo keeper moved forward the man stopped him and gently pried Sid's mouth open. Once his hand was free the man grabbed Sid's ears and bit into one of them. Sid howled out before flattening his ears and backing away. The man stood up and gave the zoo keeper a pouch and slid a collar and leash over Sid's neck and led him out of the zoo. On the way out the man said to Sid. "My name is Nero, your name is now Sid."

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