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Dear "ACHOO!" Diary,

Today, as you can see, I'm sick.

I got my cold from Emily. -_-

So, this is how I think I got my cold:

Emily and I were walking our bikes down the bridge when all of a sudden, Emily sneezed on me.

"Bless you." I said.

"Than-AHAHCHOO" Emily sneezed again.

"Are you sure you're okay?" I asked. "You seem like you're coming down with a cold or something."

Emily started to cough; then it went from a cough to a hurl.

Emily started throwing up in the street.

"Ew!" I said. "Bits of bread."

When Emily finished, I cleaned it up with some water in my water pouch.

"Okay, let me get you to a doctor." I said.

Luckily, I had Sokka's bike with me; my bike was in the shop; that meant that there were two seats.

I got Emily up on Sokka's bike and then put Emily's helmet on her.

We rode all the way to a clinic.

When finally, we stopped.

"We're here," I said.

I got Emily out of Sokka's seat and we walked into the doctor.


"Look's like a little cold," said the doctor. "Maybe she should stay home for a bit."

This is when she sneezes on me...

As we walked down the bridge to Emily's house, she had another sneeze.


It was too late.

Emily had sneezed on me.

Anyways, now I'm sick and I'll be sick for a few days; hopefully I'll get better by Thanksgiving.

When my mom was still alive, she'd make a paste out of whale blubber and pepper berries. She'd then rub it on my chest.

Only the problem is, she's not alive anymore and I don't want Sokka or my Dad to do it.

So, I did it myself!

I took some leftover paste from last week and I rubbed it on my chest. It felt a little bit better.

I hope that I get better by tomorrow.

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