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Sic Semper Tyrannis
Thus always to tyrants
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Drama, action






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Skyart; Assire

Sic Semper Tyrannis is a fanon written by Skyart.


The Avatar has gone mad. With his overwhelming power, he conquered the world and ruled it for over 200 years. But mankind hasn't given up yet, for a maimed young man and a small rebellion emerge from the mist of despair.


Anvil: Named after a tool like all slaves in the mine he's forced to work in, he was a gentle and naive boy until he suffered from physical and psychological trauma and decided to vow revenge against The Avatar.

Jin: Leader of the rebellion, he is the source of inspiration of every man under his command. With unmatched charisma, he gathers strays across the world to fight at his side. (In Chinese, his name, (Jīn), means "gold".)

Shiryoku: An old and blind earthbender who takes Anvil as his pupil. His temper is frightful, but his wisdom and experience are unequaled. (In Japanese, his name, 視力 (Shiryoku), means "sight".)

Hikari: Anvil's Companion. She is a silent airbender prodigy who seems to lack human morality. (In Japanese, her name, (Hikari), means "light".)

Copper: A former slave freed by Anvil, she quickly grows fond of him. She's named after a metal, like all slaves in the mine she's forced to work in.


Chapter 1 - Vow

Chapter 2 - Power

Chapter 3 - Light

Chapter 4 - Cerberus

Chapter 5 - His Darkest Hour

Chapter 6 - Questions

Chapter 7 - Defeated

Chapter 8 - Sintara Skysong


The title Sic Semper Tyrannis means "Thus always to tyrants" in Latin and has been suggested to me by DrachenRitter42 who has all my thanks.

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