Sic Itur Ad Astra
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One Shot

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September 21, 2015

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/part 1- aurora/

The first time you see him, you're not even completely certain if he's real.

In fact, you're not sure if it's only you who can see him because no one else seems to.

It happens in the schoolyard, the place you usually duck out of, cause there are a lot of...unappealing folks gathering there after the classes, but today there are only you and him and a group of seniors nearby.

He's sitting on the cracked bench, slouched over a book, and he's at the very least eccentric.

(But not the bad kind of eccentric.)

There's something that intrigues you about him, but you can't quite put a finger on it. You think it must be his eyes, such otherworldly Water Tribe light blue that they would fit better within some frozen winter-y landscape than this parking lot.

Combine those two icy shards with light caramel skin and black hair that reaches down to the middle of his back and covers his face like a heavy curtain and scruffy bangs and you have his looks.

You're staring, but you're pretty sure he doesn't see you.

Only then you notice his weird choice of clothing. He's wearing a blue hoodie, unobtrusive and quite old and shabby black jeans, complemented with mittens adorned with some symbol you can't quite make out, and a pair of winter boots, though it's only just September.

You wonder why he has dressed himself in such discreet set of blues that blend with the surroundings, but than it hits you that maybe he doesn't want to be noticed.

Which you think is a pity, cause you certainly wish that you'd noticed him before.

/ part two: noctem/

After that eventful afternoon at the schoolyard, it takes you almost two weeks to realize that you and the Blue Boy have German together.

And you're very glad for the coincidence, because until then you were pretty sure that he's only in your head and you're going insane.

The Blue Boy doesn't speak. He only reads. (Today it's Sherlock Holmes.)

"I think he's retarded," one of your friends comments, and you simply shrug.

But you keep quietly observing the Blue Boy.

You're not even sure why, but you're eager to talk to him, maybe because he looks so lonely, just to say Good morning! but every time you see him, he just seems so cut off from the world that you give up.

And it's a Kairos, you think, that you almost run him over that particular morning in the biology hallway.

You apologize and collect your books, feeling the weight of his gaze as he flaps his book closed and raises one thin black eyebrow.

You rise from the floor and see the questioning light blue gaze fixed on you, and your mouth works before your brain does. "You look sad."

"And you look...anthropophobic," he replies, and you swear that you see a half-smile dancing on his lips.

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