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Rather than wait for the Soldiers to arrive, Team Strike decides that they need to ambush the Islanders. Everyone except Mian. As time passes, Mian grows more and more distant from the Group. Hai takes over as an arrogant temporary leader, resulting in infighting amongst the group.


Heartbreak Soldier

"So, they won't have pie when we get back?" Asked Sky. He and Mian were trekking through the Omashu Woods, and were now just minutes away from the city.

"No, Sky, they won't have pie, what made you think that?" Asked Mian a little confused. Sky was a brilliant tactician when it comes to it, and was pretty funny. This time, he was just annoying.

"Well, I got robbed. No compensation and you wouldn't even let us steal stuff. Not good tactics," answered Sky.

"It's wrong to steal," said Mian, casually. Sky suddenly stopped and fell to the ground laughing, literally. Mian looked at him confused, and annoyed.

"What?" He asked, naively. Sky slowly got up and stopped laughing. He turned towards the Avatar.

"Mian. You're a naïve little idiot. Those people wanted to kill you. They want to kill us. They want to kill your family. They want to rule the world, their way. They're all heartless cold bastards. You're the only one who can stop their leader, but you won't steal from them, when they're about to take one of the most powerful Earth Kingdom bases, because it's wrong?"

"Err...well, it is!" Mian stammered.

"Morality is good and all, but there are limits. We can't play it nice, or they'll have the advantage." Sky replied, now far more serious than his regular self.

"Well, that's how Avatar Aang did it...and that's how I'll do it," said Mian.

Sky walked up to Mian casually, and slapped him.

"You idiot. You're not your grand-uncle. You're Mian. You're going to kill that King. You're going to end this war, by fighting back, not by running away."

"Hey! He won the war," Mian retorted.

"After running for months. I respect him, but it was his naïve-ness that made the war go on for several more agonizing months." And with that Sky walked on to Omashu, leaving Mian behind to think over what his friend had said.

When the duo arrived at Omashu, they were completely taken off guard. The city was prepared for war. Outside of the canyon there were trenches, tents, weapons, and more. Within the city there was smoke from engines and busy workers from everywhere. The two headed for the main tent, which held Zura and Hai, discussing some war plans.

"So, if a thousand men were to attack on the right flank, would the archers be able to..." Zura began.

"Guys! You're back!" Said Hai, hugging his friends, followed by one from Zura.

"You won't believe what you missed," said Zura.

"What?" asked Mian.

"Well, there was the greatest pie contest in the last century..." began Hai.

"Nooooooo! Why? Why me?" Asked Sky, sobbing. Zura led him to a restroom.

"What else?" asked Mian.

"Well, the girls attacked me and Zura while we were sleeping," Hai said chuckling.

"Oh," said Mian, clenching his fists.

Sokka at Boiling Rock


"Oh, and I forgot! Me and err...Tia, are kinda going out now..." Hai mumbled.

"What?" Asked Mian, he felt as though his heart had been pulled out, and shredded into a million pieces.

" just sort of happened, you know," said Hai, oblivious to his friend's pain.

"Yeah.....I'm really.....happy for you two," stuttered out Mian.

"Thanks, well listen, I got to go head back to the Palace Kai wants me to go over some plans. And you should come, too..." Hai said, grabbing his things.

"Yeah, I'll...err...stop by...later" Said Mian, nodding to Hai as he left the tent.

"Hey, Mian! Glad to see you could make it! So, this is our base of operations" Said Kai gesturing to the room.

"But, we don't have much time here...they're very close, Mian, so the city has already gone into Step 2 of the Security Plan."

"Good, err...great," said Mian, dazed and unfocused.

"Right, now we have got to go to the Main tent, Ami wanted to show us something. Come on, already!" Yelled Kai, to Mian who was still standing at the entrance.

"Sorry," said Mian, following Kai.

"Your Majesty, welcome, sire. We have some sad news," said the Camp Guard.

"What is it?" Asked Kai, walking into the Main Tent, there was a chair with a man in a scout uniform tied up and with the rest of Team Strike and the Interrogator surrounding him. It took the duo a second to deduce what was going on.

"According to him, our men were killed," said Sky solemnly. Mian looked down at his feet. "Some of those men were married..." continued Sky.

"Couple where about to get married...they were in love," finished Sky. Any despair in Mian's heart evaporated.

"Love is Fickle," he said to nobody in particular.

"Well, Ami, you needed something?" asked Kai, breaking the awkward silence.

"Later," she said, gesturing to the Captured Scout.

The Scout eyed the two who entered the camp, these two were obviously high up in the hierarchy. He had to remain silent.

"SO, WHATCHA KNOW PUNK? YOU KNOW I EAT FOOLS LIKE YOU FOR BREAKFAST" Said the Interrogator, but the Scout didn't twitch, he just continued to stare at his feet.

The Interrogator frowned, and gestured for the others to follow him outside. "He's not talking..." he began.

"Well, we have to try to get something out of him...," said Kai.

"Well, I dunno what to do..." began the Interrogator.

"I can get him to talk," said Mian, he gestured for the others to stay outside, as he walked in. There was suddenly a scream from inside the tent, and it wasn't Mian's. Team Strike ran inside to see Mian standing calmly in the corner, and the scout breathing deeply. Mian nodded, he had gotten the scout to agree.

"Well?" asked Hai.

"They're at Siam Valley. 80,000 men," began the Scout.

"Woah, that's just 20 miles from here...and Siam Valley's in between 3 hills...we can ambush them!" exclaimed Hai.

"How many men should we take...?" asked Mizu.

"90,000," said Hai.

"That only leaves 20,000 men here!" Said Kai, "That won't do!" "That only leaves 20,000 men here!" Said Kai, "That won't do!" "If they're all dead, then it doesn't matter...," said Hai, at this Mian walked up to the scout and looked him in the eye. " Do you speak the truth?" .

"Yes," said the Scout, looking ashamed, that he betrayed his nation.

"Alright, let's go!" said Hai.

"No" Said Mian, he had seen the Scout's eyes.

"He lies. When me and Sky were there they had more men, as it is, we should stay here and not get ourselves messed up in offensive attacks. We only need to protect Omashu, right now."

"Yes, but we can kill them all!" said Hai.

"Listen, I don't think..." Mian began.

"Look Mian, I know you're the Avatar, but while you were gone we all agreed that I would lead the armies, due to my experience with their fighting styles," said Hai.

"Seriously? When I wasn't here?" asked Mian, feeling the rage build up.

"Yes, seriously. Now, I've made the call, and that's what we're doing..." said Hai and he turned to leave...before Mian said: "Fine, whatever. But let's just discuss this...already. Get him out of here" He said gesturing to the Scout.

"I'm glad you agree," said Hai taking one of the quickly set up seats.

"I don't. But I'll stay here to protect Omashu. If you guys all want to die, be my guest," said Mian in an assertive tone Hai opened his mouth to say something, thought better of it, and closed it.

"No can do, Mian," said Kai "I'm King, it's my city..."

"And your soldiers will follow you best; they trust you more than some foreigners," said Mian.

Kai raised his hand in objection; Mian had a point he realized, and put it back down. He nodded toward the Avatar, and the meeting was adjourned. As everyone got up to leave, Mian sighed, looked at Hai, and left for his room.

First Blood

Momo climbs a tree

The Thick woods above and around the valley

Hai stood behind the trees, and gestured towards his commanders. They were to attack. He could see the Islanders down there...something inside him, told him something was wrong, he pushed the thought away. It was his time to lead. His time to shine. No longer the kid in the back. He would be a hero. Hai nodded as if confirming his thoughts, and made a sudden gesture toward the commanders behind him. Now! Suddenly, the Omashu Armies ran out of the woods, and began to shoot, everything downward. Straight at the unsuspecting soldiers, below.

Hai ran out pulled out his made-for-this-battle sword, smirked, and ran downward.

Colonel Yan was the first to suspect something was wrong. He was at the head of the Trident Formation, used today...he had an instinct. And a soldier knew to trust his instinct before his orders. What was it, though? Did he leave the stove on at home? No...that's it! The Islanders...they weren't running, they weren't screaming...they were waiting. They were armed. No. No way. They expected it. He turned back towards his men and yelled "Retreat! Back up the hill!" And began to run back up, soon followed by confusion amongst the men.

The Islanders didn't hesitate, they had seen through the illusion, and ran forward in a surge. They're troops hiding not too far from the Omashu Soldiers revealed themselves and together they sandwiched the earthbenders.

Zura looked around confused. The men were running up and down, what was wrong? He squinted his eyes from the sun, and looked up to the top of the hill. Islanders? No. Mian had been right! He surged back up the hill, there was no escape downward, with swords of fire he blasted away the first two Islanders. It was time for his revenge. Take his country would they?

Ami shot into the air, with a mini-tornado under her. There! Islanders on both sides. She took out her cross bow and began to rain arrows down from the sky. Good thing, those stupid firebenders couldn't reach her, Airbending rocked.

Tia felt the soldiers from above a little after Yan noticed it, and immediately went under the ground. She surged back up taking out two or three Islanders. She pulled out her diamond staff, not her kingdom!

Sky was sitting at the other hill, Siam Valley, was very beautiful. There. That must have been Hai's signal, and he stood with his men, watching them pour down. He knew immediately, something was wrong. The soldiers soon began to run back up, then down, and they were sandwiched! He considered sending his men down, no that would be wasteful. He turned around and ordered:

"Fire the arrows! Don't aim to kill, you might get one of our guys! Go! Go!" And he grabbed a long bow, Ami made, and aimed at the battle. Ami felt something behind her; she turned to see arrows from Kaze Hill, Sky's Command, raining down. Good ole' Sky. With that she turned back around to the battle.

Hai killed another Islander. His plan. All gone wrong. Mian was right...He frowned, and killed another Islander. Great. Now what would happen?

Mizu made another jump at the Island Commander. He edged forward, as he edged backward....right into Kai's Sword. One down, another hundred thousand to go. Who knew? Little bro, was right after all, with a grin he surged forward to defend a fallen Omashu Soldier.

Zura made another quick jab at the private. He pulled out his knife, and frowned as the young man crumpled to the ground. As he took in a deep breath, he noticed an earthbender's battle with an Islander. After looking carefully, Zura realized this man was a Colonel. He would easily kill the young earthbender. So, with little hesitation, he made a sudden dash towards the Colonel, and with one punch to the face, flipped him over. Zura shook his hand in the air, the Colonel was obviously sweating.

The Colonel slowly got to his feet, and looked around, with a wild look in his eyes to find the one who had punched him. His eyes locked with the young prince, and with a mock bow and a sarcastic grin, he released two fire whips from his hands. With some momentum and speed, they were heading right for the Prince.

Zura ducked the first whip, but had failed to see the second one, and rolled several feet down the hill. With surprise he realized that his armor had been broken. He made a mental note to avoid this man's fire. He looked up to see The Colonel on the offensive, and resorted to retreating, and small walls of fire.

"Why...don'" Began the Colonel throwing more and more intense shots at Zura "GIVE UP!" He yelled throwing his hardest at the prince. "I'll make you a deal, surrender now, and I promise our King shall be lenient."

Zura jumped into the air, and found himself, looking at the colonel's back. With a sly grin, he shot a steady stream of fire under him. The Colonel, a master fire bender, sensed it and suddenly flipped over and fell on his back. Sadly for Zura, he had created a shield above his body. As Zura landed nearby, he got up and restated his question.

Zura stood there, as though thinking of the right answer for a school test, and said, "I don't know. Call it stupidity...Call it...Nationalism...Call it...whatever you want...but you see I promised my dad that I would see him alive...and unlike your people...I stick to my promises."

The Colonel nodded, and with a smirk, ran at the Prince. Zura decided against jumping again, and stood his ground. With quick precision, he deflected all of the punches and kicks, leaving the soldier a little aghast. Zura realized his chance and shot a stream of fire into his chest, pushing his body from him.

To Zura's surprise, he got back up, with some effort and got into a stance.

"Wearing fire-proof armor, eh?" he yelled at him.

"Why, yes I am, little brat. Now, why don't you just sit there and take it like a true Prince...or should I say exiled peasant."

Zura's rage surged, but he restrained it. His mind went back to his lessons from his father.

"Always remember, Zura, the landscape is part of a fight...brute strength may be overcome..."

Zura looked around the area, and realized what he had to do. He locked eyes with the advancing Colonel, and shot blasts of fire at him. The Colonel turned his head and avoided the blasts, without straying from his paths.

"Is that what you call firebending? I'll show you...firebending." And with that, the Colonel shot blast after blast at the prince. Zura deflected each one with a wave of his hand, and occasionally sent back a shot. The Colonel kept his eyes locked on the boy, and surged forward, as he did he felt himself trip...over one of the dead.

Zura noticed the fault, and ran towards the man, with a jump into the sky he shot a powerful blast right into his chest. Even the fire-proof armor couldn't stand such a powerful blast, and it reached the man's cold heart. It was warmer than it had been in years.

Zura looked up from his exhausting battle in ragged gasps. He realized Mizu was looking at him with a grin on his face.

"What?" he asked the warrior.

"You just killed their general...nice," replied Mizu, and Zura lost sight of him as the battle raged on. With a small grin, and an internal "pat-on-the back", he got into a stance as another soldier approached him.

Hilltop Savior

Hai gasped for the fifth time that minute. It had taken hours, and now the battle was almost was evening, and the Islanders seemed to gain more numbers...he made another jab at a nearby soldier and watched him fall. He looked around, and realized his situation was getting worse, he hadn't seen an Omashu Soldier in hours. He kneeled down to catch his breath. As he listened carefully, he could hear yelling, that was normal, he supposed and he walked on. The yelling got louder and closer, and now he could begin to hear what they were saying:

Terra Team



Hai slowly registered the words. Mian must have come to the battlefield with reinforcements. He had betrayed orders. Hai headed towards the sound of yelling.

Mian surged forward, and made a quick jab at an Islander, and was now scouting out the area. He jumped to the top of a nearby boulder to get a better look. He quickly realized that Team Strike was slowly moving towards him, and seeing some smiles and waves from within the crowd of rage, so with a quick wave he jumped off the boulder, and knocked out the nearest Islander with his left hook.

Mian steadied himself, and unsheathed his sword. He lunged forward, aiming right under the heart. He still couldn't kill the poor men. As he worked his way through the enemies, he found himself back to back with Zura. Zura quickly explained what had gone on, in between their punches.

As Mian maneuvered around the area, he quickly realized that despite his original hopes, the enemy still held strong. With a nearly unnoticeable tightening of the jaw, he began to use firebending, in the hopes that the destructive element would help their odds.

As the battle continued to rage, Mian jumped to the top of a small boulder to gain a quick look at the scene. He noticed the dwindling numbers of both sides, and began to make an updated estimate, however his thought process was cut short as he found two people kissing in the middle of the rampage. He realized it was Hai and Tia. His heart ached, and this time, it was far more intense. Suddenly he felt hate at both of them, for not fighting...what were they thinking? There were people dying around them...and all they cared about...was that. As the hate began to rise, he felt a tingling sensation go through his body. With a sudden realization he deduced it was the Avatar State....why did he go into it so many times? No other Avatar seemed to enter it as much as he did....

"Phoenix have betrayed the honor of your nation! Now you shall pay!"

Tia suddenly pushed Hai away, as she came back to the real world. The Winds started to pick up, it began to rain heavily, Mian was entering the Avatar State, she deduced.

Mian saw himself rising into the skies, wait...Avatar State? What? That made no sense...he was just Hai and all the other Soldiers were was so stupid. Hai was so stupid. He frowned, but that turned into a smile, as the familiar warmth surrounded him.

Mian felt the long grass brush against his cold face. His legs were moving, somebody was picking him up...probably...Mizu...or something he assured himself...slowly drifting back to sleep.

Jeong smiled and knocked out the nearby soldier trying to save the Avatar. He picked the Avatar up again, and headed north. The Boat was waiting for him and he hated to miss his appointments.


The Avatar knew that this would be a very key chapter. Mian would start a naive and bumbling Avatar to a radically serious Avatar. It is largely based on Tia suddenly dating Hai, confusing Mian, and feeling him left betrayed by his friends and family something that takes him to near-extremes in the upcoming chapters. This chapter also reveals an antagonistic Hai, who was developed after The Avatar was discussing him wither other fanon authors. He soon realized Hai was underdeveloped, and decided that there needs to be more twists in the series. Hai will be taking more and more radical twists in the upcoming chapters.


  • Jeong has returned! Thought he disappeared eh?
  • There were to be more images, but The Avatar, remembered the 3 images rule.
  • Siam Valley is named after the old name of Vietnam, a war-torn nation, Siam.
  • There is a factual reason as to why Mian enters the Avatar State so much, and it shall be revealed in the upcoming chapters.

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