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Sia Re
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Earth Kingdom


19 (100 AG)

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Emerald Green

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Earth Kingdom


Fire Nation, Rough Rhinos, Colonel Mongke

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Military Captain


Eyes of Katara, Earth Kingdom Military, Eel Strikers

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Captains of the General

Sia Re is a talented Earthbender Captain, one of if not the only female to have achieved this position. She holds a strong fervor of disdain for the Fire Nation, but does not allow her pain and fury to cloud her judgment. She usually holds a stern attitude, having been surrounded by war all her life following the loss of all she loved.

Author Notes

Why is there no "Contents" outline? I don't understand why my character pages aren't including that.

Her picture will be added once I finish it. Until then, she'll just remain picture-less. :(

Also! Her history is not going to be added to until I reach her in later chapters. Her history holds some potentially crucial information that may impact my future fanon work, and I don't want to spoil those ideas! So she will receive more updates once I reach that point.


When she was eleven years old, her village was burned down by the Rough Rhinos. Her family fought against the assault, but having been caught off their guard were either defeated easily as they were singled out by their assailants or perished to the flames engulfing the entire village.

She found herself wandering near to the Great Divide; there she was discovered by a kindly Canyon Guide. The middle aged man introduced himself as Borin Do and took her under his care, teaching her what he knew of the world, creatures, locations and survival; as well as his knowledge of Earthbending. She picked up on his training instantly, having already been made aware of her skill with it during her childhood. It wasn't until a group of Earth Kingdom citizens passed through the canyon that Sia decided to act on her beliefs, to take a stand for what she believed in and put her skill to an actual use. After debate with Bo, she left his care to follow the group to General Fong's base with the intent to enlist, herself.

During her travels, she encountered a roving band of Fire Nation soldiers who immediately attempt to capture her. Alone, weary, weak, and horrified, she eventually arrived at the Earth Kingdom Base successfully.

Upon Sia Re, a fifteen year old broken female, arriving at the base; she was taken in as a refugee and nursed back to health. However, once well they attempted to turn her loose. Joining the fight against the Fire Nation was her ultimate goal, so she refused to leave upon being released. Fighting against their refusal to allow her to join, she eventually was admitted to their ranks, having proved her potential to General Fong.

Serving as a warrior under General Fong's command, she battled in numerous skirmishes against the Fire Nation in the following years. Her skill in combat grew rapidly, to the point she was readily noticed by not just her comrades as a skilled ally, but by the Fire Nation as a competent adversary.

When she was seventeen, the Fire Nation launched a direct assault upon General Fong's Base. Many waves of Firebenders, komodo rhino riders, coupled with non-bender pike and archer squads laid siege to their base, attempting to overtake their Earth Kingdom stronghold. It was during this fight that Sia Re re-encountered the Rough Rhinos, the one's responsible for her hometowns' destruction.

During the siege of the General Fong's Base, Sia Re gained the opportunity to face off with the esteemed Firebender, Colonel Mongke. She fought ferociously against the man who murdered her family, trading blows toe-to-toe with him in intense combat, holding her ground while her allies continued to repel the Fire Nation attack. Mongke retreated once he discovered the Fire Nation was losing ground, leaving her unable to take her revenge.

After combat, General Fong promoted her instantly to the rank of captain, praising her valiant and fierce prowess, tactics and dedication to defending their base at all costs. It is after this, she was allowed to form a team to rival the Rough Rhino's, a group she termed the Eel Strikers.

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