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Si Wong Desert
Si Wong Sultanate
Physical information

Central Earth Continent


Middle Kingdom



Form of Government


The Si Wong Sultanate or The Middle Kingdom is a country lying in the middle of the Earth Continent, controlling the Serpent's pass. They previously used to control the entire Si Wong Desert, but lost it in a war with Omashu, yet they still claim it to be their own. They are officially neutral, but many believe that they are secretly assisting their powerful neighbors, the Song Kingdom.


The Si Wong Sultanate was found by the unification of the Desert Tribes. They once controlled a vast empire from the Serpent's Pass to the Koalu Mountains. However, the people of these mountains, rebelled creating the Kingdom of Omashu. In their arrogance, the Sultanate attacked, and quickly lost control over their weakly protected desert. Yet, they still claim the desert, despite various rejections from Omashu. They also proclaimed neutrality, since they were now in the middle of the continent, to avoid wars. However, it seems that they are favoring the Song Kingdom.


The Sultanate, is currently controlling, only central Earth Kingdom and surrounding areas. They control immediate coastal areas, and have a vast trading empire.


The Government of the Sultanate, is more or less a monarchy. The Sultan controls large parts of the nation, but some people are elected, to govern various departments. It's fairly mixed and confusing to many foreigners.

Foreign Relations

The Sultanate is officially neutral, but due to its proximity to the Song Kingdom, remains very close to them. This has resulted in deterioration of relations with most other foreign powers.

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