By Gingalover Part of the Book Six: Shadow continuity.
Biographical information
Birth place

Northern United Republic


174 AG

Physical description

147 feet

Hair color


Eye color

Cyan blue

Chronological and political information


First appearance

Ep.1: The Returning Winds

Last appearance

Ep.2: Past's Return

Shuvirra is one of the Voronon that survived the cataclysm many years prior to the extinction of its creators and one of the first Voronon Team Avatar came across. Shuvirra resembles the appearance of a giant furred cobra.


Shuvirra was one of the many Voronon that were created in order to protect the Shadow Nation from any danger. However, while most Voronon were destroyed in the past, Shuvirra managed to survived and was put in suspended animation within the northern mountains of the Earth Kingdom. Its tomb was eventually covered and used to imprison Kuvira after her dictatorship. Upon being awakened, Shuvirra sensed Kuvira's presence, and immediately began to demolish her prison, and defeat the many guards keeping her locked up. Shuvirra also got Kuvira free from her cell, but did it so violently that it collapsed the entire mountain, killing many as a result.

Shuvirra remained inactive for a while longer until Team Avatar arrived, making Shuvirra active and aggressive towards them. While fighting them, Shuvirra coiled around Kuvira, making sure none of them got close, despite Kuvira helping them. It continued to fight them for a while, holding up a good fight, until Kuvira managed to defeat it by stabbing the back of its head, where its weak spot was located.


Pain resistance

Shuvirra is resistant to high levels of heat, as shown by being able to slither through lava with little to no effort or any signs of pain.


  • Shuvirra's name is a word play on the name Kuvira, the same character it first appeared with officially in the story.
  • Shuvirra is the only Voronon that appeared in more than 1 chapter.

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