By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe II continuity.
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173 (chapter)

Shuck is a dark black dog that used to reside in the S.C.P Foundation. He is referred as 23 back in the foundation, and as such, is considered an experiment. However, Shuck nearby managed to escape a long time ago but was caught by Slenderman and sent back. He never liked the foundation and its workers and has been trying to escape for the longest time. Although never exactly proven, he has been known to corrupt or simply disconnect surveillance so he wouldn't get caught.

Avatar: New Universe II

Shuck barely appears in the end of chapter 42. Shuck trailed the escape behind Zuko, Mas y Menos, Ty, Starfire and SCP-173. He just slipped inside, out of sight when the doors shut and he took the opportunity to escape after the group left. More detail was given about him through documents and surveillance when Slenderman was looking things over. During here it's found out about his earlier escape, and that all experiments on him had stopped and he was left alone to rot in his cell.

While roaming around outside, he manages to come across Kaibutsu again, and goes over to them. He had to imply he's a friend first to Toube before he can pass. After talking for a bit, he guides them to where Zuko's caravan was and they settled down there. He makes a compliment about 173, about him being the best SCP, and he even has a big plan already for how to get rid of the foundation all together.

His plan went into motion the next day. He took the plan out and told Kaibutsu as the first up. He guided the others inside and through the foundation, searching for their friends. One point he throws a Mojos jar to distract the guards so they would stop following them. He gets them to the main prisoner chamber where they got all their friends and he was about to run off when he runs directly into Slenderman. When confronting him, he immediately tries biting off his hand but doesn't get too involved later on as he was helping the others escape.

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