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By Ragnell wielder Part of the The Legend of Aang: Book 4: Air continuity.

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Former Earth Kingdom General, Advisor to the Earth King


Earth Kingdom

Shu appears in The Legend of Aang: Book 4: Air. He is assigned to assist Katara in creating the Ba Sing Se Police Force.


Shu was born to a high ranking noble from the Earth Kingdom city of Omashu. He was named after one of the first earthbenders, Shu. He later married and has 7 children.

During the War, he was able to work his way up to the rank of General, sitting as the Head of the Council of Five. During the Siege of Ba Sing Se, he was in charge of the Earth Kingdom army. Soon after the wall was breached, his leg was amputated because of injuries sustained in a battle with General Iroh. Several days later, his leg had healed enough for him to rejoin the fight. During the fighting, a small group of Firebenders led by Lu Ten and Ganshou attacked the tent that Shu and the rest of the generals were in. After a brief but intense fight, Shu killed Lu Ten. After calling a cease-fire, Shu gave Iroh Lu Ten's body and allowed him to be buried. Iroh then pulled back from the city, ending the siege.

After the siege ended, Shu retired, but remained a high-ranking official. He has been assigned to create the new Police Force with Katara.


Shu is an extremely powerful Earthbender, nearly able to match Iroh in battle. He is also a brilliant tactician, which allowed him to become the Head of the Council.

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