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Biographical information



Fire Nation

Birth place

Fire Nation Capital


Republic City



Physical description



Athletic, slim


5' 10"


120 lbs

Hair color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Dagger (sometimes)

Bending style(s)



Combat, lightning generation


Father, mother



Chronological and political information

Bender, noble, vigilante


Himself, Fire Nation


Master Gao (in secret)





Shu Zhong (commonly shortened to only Shu) is the only son of Governor Zhong. Due to his father's position as a governor and diplomat between the Fire Nation and Republic City, Shu is often placed on the upper echelons of society; something akin, but not quite so, to a noble.

As the governor's only son and heir, Shu has often been isolated and kept away from other people, both out of fear for his safety and to preserve his "privilege" as a governor's son. This has left Shu somewhat awkward, shy and meek in the eyes of others. Somewhat like his father, Shu often views others as "commoners" or "peasants" but tries to correct his behavior.

While he is the shy son of a governor by day, Shu does have a strong sense of justice, so much so that it has compelled him to act on his own accord and become something of a vigilante. Due to his all-black outfit during these episodes, as well as his clothes being decorated with black feathers and a bird-like mask, some have come to call him the "Raven". He prowls the streets of Republic City by night, watching for criminals - who he handles not-so-gently. While his actions are condemned by the police, he continues to sneak out at nights, insisting he is on their side. His pro-bender disposition has put him somewhat at odds with the Equalists, who keep an eye on him.


"I will not have my son be caught up in rabble! No, he deserves more."


"He is pleasant. Gentle. Too soft for a Firebender, if you ask me." - Master Gao.

Shu was a quiet young man who preferred to keep to himself than to socialize with others. This was a result of his upbringing; he was slightly isolated from others when he was younger and many say that this has stunted his social growth. He is otherwise pleasant and soft-spoken and, yet, never turns down a conversation. He is fairly knowledgeable about the world's history, as well as politics, although he dislikes the latter very much. He possessed a strong sense of justice: one that would make him fiery in conversation on the topics of crime, freedom and criminal justice.

Beneath his gentle exterior, Shu was a very frustrated young man. He did not care for his father's control over his life and longed to have more personal freedom. He wanted to be his own self, rather than be an image of his father. Also frustrated by crime and inequality elsewhere in the world, Shu would internalize most of his frustration and anger. These bottled feelings compelled him to take drastic actions, such as sneaking out of his home at night to act as a vigilante of sorts. Many condemn actions as criminal in nature, no better than those he wants to bring to justice, but Shu insists it's his only way to make a difference.

Being a skilled Firebender, Shu was quite capable in combat and somewhat aggressive in combat, as well. However, he preferred not to fight on the whole, understanding all too well that it was aggression and egomania that propelled the world to war in times past. '



A native Firebender, Shu had skill in the pyrokinetic bending art. He can create and sustain fire in many shapes, such as whips, streams and even a form of jet propulsion. While being a native to the Fire Nation, Shu sought tutelage from a slightly renowned Firebending Master, Gao, despite his father's wishes and in secret. Despite his often meek demeanor, Shu was shown to have skill in the bending art, enabling him to learn advanced moves and techniques, as well as the ability to generate lightning. His favorite technique was the creation of "fire blades".

Other Skills

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