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'Showdown in the South' is the sixth chapter of Avatar: Bridge to Infinity by The malefic.

Chapter 6 - Showdown in the South

Pakku stood opposite Kor, the old waterbender knew there was little chance of him surviving this coming battle. However, this was a thought although present in his mind, he did not acknowledge.

Pakku was much more concerned about how this mighty warlord was here. Kuruk had ended him almost 4 centuries ago and yet he still alive. Pakku knew there was something else at work here.

Kor growled as he advanced towards Pakku, his armour rattled as his bulky physique stomped across the ice.

"I'll give you one chance to run," he said.

"I'll give you one chance to back down," replied Pakku.

Kor stopped walking for a moment and burst out in laughter, the thought of Pakku putting up a fight was too much for him.

Pakku didn't see the funny side however, and taking advantage of Kor's lapse in concentration sent three blades of water crashing into the ice forming a triangle shape from their impact.

"Is that all you've got I am Kor and I will-"

Kor took a single step forward and then froze; he had fallen right into a trap. The ice shattered under his weight as the ground literally fell apart sending the warlord crashing down into the deep waters of the south.

Sokka jumped up with his eyes in awe, he walked over to the edge of the crater left by Kor.

"Aww the big-bad ice man fell," he said with a cheesy grin on his face.

As Pakku was about to join in he stopped and focused, he quickly shut up Sokka with an angry glance.

"Get Aang and run..." he said quietly.

Pakku listened as small cracks could be heard; he took his fighting stance once more as he tried to determine their source.

Suddenly, a hand shot out of the ice and dragged Pakku beneath the ice. Pakku crashed down into a small cave; he was sent flying against the wall by a blast of water. Several daggers of ice stuck into his clothes leaving him pinned against the wall.

"You didn't think you could win that easily?" asked Kor.

"For a second I did," replied Pakku.

"Well then I-" Kor said before stopping suddenly.

Kor stopped and spun round to intercept Sokka's attack he kicked the young swordsman back and flung his sword into the darkness of the cave.

Kor walked slowly towards a weakened Sokka as Pakku struggled against his restraints. The old waterbender's rage grew as, using a combination of waterbending and his own strength, he ripped the very ice from the walls.

"Sokka go now!" he shouted at the top of his lungs.

A jet out water exploded out of the ground sending Sokka flying back to the surface. The water then froze sealing Kor and Pakku under the ice.

Sokka banged desperately on the ice as Aang limped towards him. The injured Avatar put a hand on the shoulder of his friend.

"Sokka I-"

"It's okay's not your fault..." replied Sokka in an emotionless voice.

All sounds from beneath the ice faded as Sokka and Aang stood in silence. They knew there was little chance of Pakku being alive and it seemed he had sealed Kor beneath the ice.

Aang and Sokka walked sadly towards the boat, Sokka wanted to at least follow what Pakku had said and headed for the boat.

Three Emperors' Throne Room

Malefic was sat opposite Josik as Luccaino explained what had happened during his battle with Aang.

"I was sure he was dead when I left him!" he pleaded.

"Did you bother to check?" asked Malefic sarcastically.

Luccaino only sent an angry glance back before lowering his head.

"No matter, Kor will have-" said Josik before he was interrupted by Xercxes.

"It seems Kor has fallen"

"How could that happen?!" demanded Malefic as he stood.

"It seems his attacker was one of them," replied Xercxes.

Malefic clenched his fist. "I will end the Avatar myself!"

"You will do no such thing," replied Josik.

"Why? The Fire Lord is-" Malefic was cut off by Josik.

"Mai was resistant, the effect was temporary, and so there is no guarantee."

"Then we end this pathetic routine..." replied Xercxes.

"Routine?" asked Malefic.

"We attack, we discuss and then we repeat," said Xercxes.

"Then we will allow them to repair so they will give more energy," replied Malefic.

"I will face them, since I am the only one able," said Xercxes.

"Very well," said Josik. "They are growing impatient."

All four men look downwards towards the portal as a roar erupted from it, it was hidden from view but whatever it was, it was angry...

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