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General Shou was an officer in the Earth Kingdom army stationed in a base in the western Earth Kingdom. In his heyday, he was a fearsome Earthbender and strategist, known for out-of-the-box solutions that his opponents could rarely counter. In his old age, however, his plans have become disregarded by his underlings because of his eccentric strategies.



Shou was born in 9 AG in a small city near Ba Sing Se. Initially, the War was thought to be only a temporary situation, with most people believing the Avatar would return to restore balance. By the time Shou was twenty, many people had lost hope and the Earth Kingdom army began to increase its ranks. Shou volunteered, his Earthbending talent quickly allowing him to gain a commission. He was intelligent and an born strategist, giving him an edge over most Fire Nation units he came across. In 60 AG, he gained a promotion to General, commanding most troops in the region near Yu Dao. His early career as a general was marked by swift gains against the Fire Nation, but as his age progressed and he could no longer handle battle, the territories fell once again.

Later years

As Shou advanced in years, he began relying more and more on his subordinates, eventually becoming close to a puppet, though no one could make his final decision. However, most soldiers could convince him to favor their ideas, limiting his power. He is known to make several speeches, in which he sees how well the soldiers under his command feel about his ideas. Because he has never received enough praise for the plans, he never follows through with them. Several officers were unable to convince him to attack a Fire Nation fort building up in the area, but two soldiers escape to follow through on the mission anyway. Upon hearing about his, Shou decrees that the soldiers must be captured and assigns the Captain to determine how to retrieve them.


Shou was a powerful Earthbender in his prime, but the once powerful General has fallen into disarray, his joints weak and his mind cloudy. He is still capable of Earthbending, though he would be defeated by the majority of his soldiers. In his prime, he was an Earthbender who could crush several soldiers in a duel at a moment's notice. Shou's cunning and strategic knowledge were unmatched in his day. He could outmaneuver any units and defeat any army opposing him. In his age, both his abilities and his strategic mind have gone dull.


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When in his prime, Shou was a charismatic and strong leader.

Shou has always sought consensus. He believes that if he is to risk his men's lives for a cause, they should have a say in it. That being said, he always could put the best spin on his ideas, making his soldiers believe that he would be successful if they agreed. His intelligence allowed him to excel in communications with others as well as rising in the ranks. Despite being a General, Shou always managed to keep a level head and wouldn't become overconfident.


  • The ridiculousness of Shou's ideas were taken from legitimate ideas featured in Avatar: The Last Airbender. This is to poke fun at the fact that most ideas that worked in the show defy conventional military logic.

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