Author Notes

This is set nearly nine years ahead of the end of the series; and this is nothing more than a simple short that I decided to put out after reading a few other...shorts...on the site that didn't quite sit well with me. I wanted an example of what life would really be like with Aang and Katara, and I feel this could very well represent some of their future.

Please give me your comments and thoughts! =] I would like a review and opinions.

Oh and, in my future work this likely will be included in to come fanon writing. I have much planned. By the way, the pronunciation for the name you see below, "Sakira", is "Sah - Kai - Rah"

The series this will be a part of Book Four: Energy.


Three familiar faces sat around a rectangular dinner table. The meal smelled delicious, Katara was quite apt when it came to preparing excellent, wholesome food. Aang, however, was less pleased by her choice for comforting appetite this day. The little girl seated to his right didn't mind at all, completely enthralled with eating her portion.

Aang sighed, settling his gray eyes sternly on the plate of simply meats remaining. Aside from the bowl of sea prune soup, and arctin hen with a side of blubbered seal jerky, he'd only eaten a small side of seaweed soup. That had been the highlight of the meal for him, although the portion had been much smaller than normal, much to Sakira's pleasure.

"Honey, stop playing with your food at the dinner table and eat it. You're setting a bad example for Sakira." Katara interrupted Aang's disgust at his plate abruptly.

He scowled at her sharp words. What was her problem? She was more than aware of his feelings toward the dishes she had prepared. Regardless, he refused to remove his eyes from his plate to turn his hard stare upon his wife. He held back a hard reply, not wanting to set a horrible scene before their little girl. Reluctantly, he drew up his utensil's and began to eat the food he disdained so greatly.

"That's better." Katara seemed to chide him for his reluctance, downplaying his mood. Yes, she was well aware of how it had made him feel and his disagreement with her choices. After all, this was intentional.

Somehow, Aang still managed to finish his portion with the rest of his family, despite taking pained moments to think of the life that once was that he was devouring. "May I be excused?" Sakira politely questioned. "I cleaned my plate!" She added with a joyous reply, tilting her bowl towards her mother. She had obviously not fully finished her sea prune soup, however.

"Of course you may." Aang interjected. "But please take a moment before you get up to allow consideration for what you have just eaten. It once had a life of its own, so it should be respected."

Aang slid back from the table, watching as their daughter begrudgingly hung her head slightly, pretending to show respect to the empty plate before her. Under her breath, however, he caught her mutter something involving the word stupid. He frowned reactively at the realization of her language. "Sakira...I heard that."

She cowered, ducking back against her chair. "Sorry daddy."

"Aang, leave her alone. She just wants to play. Sakira, go ahead you're free to leave the table." Aang quickly turned an aghast gaze to his wife. Her words were obviously tinged with disdain, something he couldn't shake the realization of. Her eyes seemed slightly absent, hiding any true thoughts behind them.

Sakira had already leapt from the chair, her pitter patter of footfalls on soft white carpet filled the room as she hurriedly opened a chest of toys tucked in a corner. Nearly a minute of silence passed as husband and wife regarded one another, Aang's heart heavy wondering what to say. "Sakira." He rose from his chair, stepping closer to a wooden floored hallway. "Go to your room, mommy and daddy need to have a talk."

The demand in his voice caught her by surprise. She dropped an intricately hand crafted Earth Kingdom doll back into her toy chest, lifting a pitiful pair of blue eyes to him in sudden fear. "Did I do something?"

Katara whipped her head back, glaring at her husband as her long, cascading brown hair slid overtop the wooden back of her chair, falling to her back. "No dear, daddy's just upset. You see, it's him, not you. Go to your room and give us some time alone."

His nerves bent out of shape, crossing his eyebrows sternly down toward her for that final remark. Sakira darted down the hall, quickly shutting the back right bedroom door as her small body disappeared from sight.

"That was uncalled for." He retorted, furious to be taking the blame in front of their daughter.

"Just like your little speech." She turned her back to him, lifting plates from the table to carry them to their nearby sink to tend to her duties to intentionally distract herself from him.

"Excuse me?" His voice grew as stern as his features had. He desperately attempted to not shout, but found himself struggling due to how snappy his wife was being.

"Come on Aang, you really think Sakira is an Air Nomad? Hasn't it occurred to you she doesn't like taking time to follow all of your little traditions?" She shot out as she dropped the plates loudly into the sink.

"Katara, she needs to know life is sacred. Sure, at first she will find some of our customs a bother, but -"

"OUR customs?!" Katara shouted, spinning her head back for him as her hair whipped behind her. "Aang, since when have you looked at this family as Air Nomads? For goodness sake, we're living in the Southern Water Tribe!"

Aang hesitated, feeling his heart crawl into his throat, each pulse pumping through his veins mightily. "Well bear in mind we aren't Water Tribe either, Katara! And that isn't fair, it isn't like we can live among the Air Nomads." His gray eyes sharpened, as he lifted his deep voice in reply. "You're looking at the last one of them! You're living with the entire culture of the Air Nomads under this roof!"

"Tch." She rolled her eyes and twisted slightly away, crossing her arms in a huff. "No kidding, that's not been hard to notice these last several weeks. You've been doing nothing but beating that sense into her ever since she turned five."

"Look, we spoke on this many times, you knew I had wanted some Air Nomad culture to live on. You knew I would try to pass this on to our children!"

"Oh?" She tilted her head, whimsically thrusting her gaze upon him. "And what about me? Water Tribe doesn't count for anything except location in this family? Since when did you become the almighty ruler." His eyes widened as she drove a final thought home. "Oh right, you're the Avatar."

"I...I...!" His temper boiled over. He knew he was never going to get anywhere with this argument. Why couldn't she just listen to him? His temper faded to a painful defeat, there really was little left to say he could grasp at a moments whim. How could he win against her stubbornness?

He spun around unknowingly for the door. With no control over his own body his feet began carrying him for it. "Don't you walk away from this - you wanted this talk so you stay right here and finish it!" Katara demanded, bringing her husband to a frozen stand in front of their home's entrance.

He remained still a moment, head lowered and throbbing from the pain of this situation. "You're right." His body halfway turned toward her, though he kept his eyes diverted to their soft white shaggy carpet by his feet. "I'm sorry, I just...I feel like I can't compete with you." He hesitated, leaving silence where his words should be.

An overwhelming humility weighted Katara's heart, frowning dishearteningly at his words. She had crushed him, and she knew it. "Honey...come, sit with me." She gingerly approached him, clasping her slender fingers about his right hand. With a gentle tug, she repeated her kind-hearted request. "Come."

His eyes slipped shut momentarily, sighing to release some of his stress. Nodding in reply to his wife, he followed her slowly to a nearby sofa. A plain yellow blanket lay neatly set on one side, this being his side, and a tiger-seal throw rest on the other, her side. "Our lives clash over our cultures so much." He absently stated, lowering to his seat.

She sat beside him, turning toward him and tucking one leg beneath the other to stare intently upon her husband. "I know. Even though we talk about it a lot to try to settle this, it always comes back up. I'm sorry I was so rude to you...I even made this meal out of spite. I knew it would set you off...I've just been so sick of how you've been acting."

"But you are right." He glanced away toward the table, staring at the few dishes remaining behind. "I have been pushing my culture on her lately. I know we agreed that we could try to discipline her in its ways, but, I don't know where we can possibly draw the line."

She reached up and gently ran her hand along the back of Aang's head, rubbing his short, dark brown hair. He had allowed it to grow back due to the Southern Water Tribe's harsh climate. "I don't want you to look at me like that Aang."

"Like what?" He turned to set his eyes upon her inquisitively.

"I don't want to be an obstacle. First, I am your wife. I don't want to be a challenge to you, and that's what I've become."

A weak smile crossed his lips as his eyes softened at her humble approach. "And I realize Sakira is just as much Water Tribe as she is Air Nomad. I don't know how we can approach this even still, I mean sure she can relate to the Water Tribe since she's growing up here...but it just feels like me and my entire lineage just ceases to exist."

"Let her decide on her own." She smiled pleasantly, casting her concerned sapphire eyes to stare deeply into his eyes of gray. "I admire your beliefs Aang, as much as I have acted out against them recently, I do admire them. They're filled with so much love and respect for everything, it's almost crazy how loving the culture attempts to be. Though it does have its flaws."

"As does everything." He lifted his hand and placed it on hers, as she had moved to caressing the side of his head now. "I appreciate the kind-spirited beliefs of the Southern Water Tribe. Not so much the Northern one, though."

"Aang." She began softly, her eyes dancing with sorrow at how she had treated him lately. "As I was saying, I do adore the Air Nomad culture. After all, I see it in you...and you are who I fell in love with." She leaned forward against her husband, giving him a soft kiss before continuing. "Don't hesitate to let her see Air Nomad ways. But, please don't force them on her. She needs to understand what being an Air Nomad means, as well as being Water Tribe. She needs to choose her own path for herself."

He smiled warmly, his nerves finally fully settling. Wrapping his arms about his wife, he gently pulled her against him. She rested her head against his neck, allowing her long brown hair to flow down his yellow Air Nomad vest. "Thank you, darling."

"Mm hmm." She mumbled softly into his neck.

"No really, thank you. You've been a better wife to me than I could ever have imagined, and I couldn't have asked for a more thoughtful, adoring woman to be the mother of our child." He ran his hand gently along her back, running his fingers through her soft hair.

"I don't know about that." She shrugged, raising her eyebrows upward as she smirked. This faded as she sighed, for some reason this mention reminded her of a distant painful memory. "Don't ever leave us."

"What?" Shocked, Aang slid away from her as she dropped her arm to the seat, propping herself up. "Why would you say that? I would never leave you..."

Her eyes drifted aside, staring off toward the doorway in deep thought. "Well, maybe not like that. But it's just...Sakira loves you so much. I don't want her to go through what I did. She shouldn't have to know that pain."

"You're referring to your mother, aren't you." He stated rhetorically, his voice softening. She merely nodded in reply. "Don't worry, I don't intend on leaving this family anytime soon."

She leaned her head aside his shoulder as her sapphire eyes settled intently upon him, a smile overtaking her. "I love you Aang." She slid across the throw covering her side of the couch, and pressed against him. Wrapping her arms about his head, she embraced him in a deep kiss.

At first, he graciously accepted his wife's loving compassion. He had missed it, as they hadn't quite been supportive of one another the last short while. But after only a moment of this affection he pulled free from her grip and leaned away, reaching his forefinger gently up to press against her lips. She stared at him in mild shock, what would possess him to do this?

He rose from the chair, his gray eyes twinkling down to his beautiful wife. "Let's continue this later. But for now, there's someone very important we need to see about before the night overcomes us." Turning, he gazed down the wood floored hallway that led to their bedrooms and called out welcomingly for their little girl. "Sakira."

Quietly, her door slipped open as she peered into the hall. "Come here. I have a question for you."

Katara's eyes lit with interest. Aang always had a way of taking her by surprise with the littlest of things. What was running through that mind of his this time? "Yes daddy? Did I do something?" Sakira meekly questioned as she nearly tip toed down the hallway.

"No princess." He knelt to the carpet as his daughter drew close, reaching out to set his arms upon her shoulder. "Do you know what mommy and daddy did when they first met each other?"

"Umm...." Her soft blue eyes shot side to side in quiet wonder, first looking to her mom who smiled supportively at her, then back to her dad. "Mommy unfroze you."

Katara giggled quietly, burying her lips into the top of the couch. Aang smiled and nodded. "Yes, she did. But do you know what we first did together after she saved me from the ice?"

The little girl shook her head, her light brown hair dancing behind her neck with each sudden shake. "Mm mm."

"We went penguin sledding." Katara saw where this was going as he mentioned this. She laid her head on its side atop the couch, lovingly eyeing her husband.

Sakira's eyes lifted to him in curiosity. "What's that?"

"I think you're old enough to find out." He smiled as he gave her shoulder a soft shake. "Get dressed warm; we're going to find us a penguin."

"Oh yay!" Sakira leapt up into her fathers arms, giving him a quick hug before pulling back for the hallway. "You and mommy need to have more talks!"

Katara burst into sudden laughter at her daughter's suggestion, burying her face into the couch joyously as Sakira bolted down the hallway to do as requested. Aang suddenly fell to the couch beside her, bringing her to lift her tear-filled sapphire eyes to her husband. "How do you always know how to make me so happy?" She smiled adoringly in summary.

"It's simple really." He grinned knowingly. "Be there for the little bundle of joy that both our hearts love so dearly."

He meant Sakira, she knew this. Katara's happiness flowed over at his suggestion as she broke into a small cry and thrust her arms around his neck, returning their earlier kiss as tears ran down her cheeks.

After a moment, a soft voice echoed from the hallway. "Eww!" The two broke apart, as Sakira stood resistantly in the hall. Her look of mild disgust changed to confusion when she sighted her mother. "Momma why are you crying?"

Katara wiped away her tears on her sleeves, laughing softly through her joy. "Mommy's just jealous that you and daddy are going to have so much fun together!"

Aang took her hand, pulling her attention toward him. "Come with us."

"Oh no, I can't." She shook her head. "Let me take care of things around here first, I've got some cleaning up to do."

"I'll help you afterward, come, let's all go together." Aang promised.

"It'll be fun mommy! After all you went penguin sliding before me with daddy."

"Penguin sliding." Katara grinned at her daughter's goof. "Okay, you two go ahead. I'll be right behind. Don't start your first run without me!"

"Alright." Aang rose from the chair, releasing her hand. "Come on Sakira, I'll race you to the penguin nesting grounds! Last one there's a rotten sea prune!" He grinned mischievously. "And you and I both agree sea prunes that are ripe are nasty enough!"

"Eww!" Sakira jeered, leaping for the door as she swung it open. The brilliant evening sun reflected off the snow and into their small home as her father followed after her.

"See you in a few minutes Katara." He had stopped by the doorway, smiling lovingly to her, before slipping out and shutting the door behind him.

Katara let out a soft sigh, receding into the couch before lifting herself to her feet. Wiping away her tears more completely, she went to her room to find her more warmer clothing choices.

She stopped, staring at a beautiful rectangular azure jewelry box. It was slender, tucked against the back corner of a mahogany dresser. Her expression softened at its sight, crossing steadily closer to lift its cool lid.

In it, she withdrew a beautiful blue necklace, casting her sapphire eyes upon its carefully hand-crafted centerpiece, that of the traditional Water Tribe symbol. "Mom." She began quietly, clasping the beautiful stone between her slender fingers. "I don't know if you can hear me or not..." She continued meekly, tears reforming in her eyes. "But I just want you to know, your little girl couldn't be any happier with her life."

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