By Keitonashita Part of the Shoji's Journey continuity.
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Chestnut brown

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Darker; tan

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Olive green

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Dancing Dragon


On Ji, Yu Yan Archers, Master Raul


Princess Azula

Chronological and political information

Fire Nation

Shoji is an adept Firebender and a good friend. Even though he was born in the upper ring of the Fire Nation, when Kuzon (Aang) showed up, everything Shoji knew and believed was challenged through what Kuzon said and did.



Shoji was born into a wealthy family in the upper class of the Fire Nation. His father, Injo, worked at the capitol, so Shoji was brought up by his mother, Sari. Shoji started school when he was six and had been going for six years with perfect records before he ran away.


Shoji had many drives, but what drove him the most was meeting Kuzon. Immediately after meeting him, Shoji knew that he was different. First of all, he had different views on the Air Nomad War. What really shocked him, however, was helping Kuzon escape and realizing that he was an Earthbender. That made Shoji begin to question everything. A few weeks later, after becoming a better Firebender, he ran away with On Ji, his close friend. There are many people hot on his trail...


Shoji is a very complex person. It is shown that he is kind, generous, and friendly with those he knows. It is also known that when a loved one's life is at risk, Shoji will do anything to save them. He has a stubborn side and can be very suspicious at times. It is sometimes hard for him to come to terms with things that are going on around him, like how he has a crush on On Ji.



Shoji is an adept Firebender. His fighting style is very similar to that of the Dancing Dragon. By incorporating Dancing Dragon moves into his bending, his abilities become enhanced, making him a better Firebender. His bending becomes increasingly better when he sees people he loves in danger, as seen in The Runaways. He also has the ability to mimic other's Firebending, enabling him to imitate other's bending and making it his own, as seen in The Runaways when Azula rockets towards him.


It is seen that Shoji has telepathic skills with On Ji. Their minds are somehow linked and they can send each other thoughts.

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