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This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

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Juji's fine. He comes back to life in the end when the doomsday device shifts the polarity of the Earth. Oops. Spoiler. Sorry.

Warning! This page contains spoilers for Shoji's Journey.

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Long ago, the four nations lived divided. Then, everything changed when Fire Lord Sozin decided to spread the Fire Nation's greatness with the other nations. So began the great war of the nations. But things are changing and people begin to question - is the Fire Nation spreading greatness or hatred and terror?


Ever wonder what happened to that boy who saw Aang Earthbend in The Headband? Shoji's Journey is a work in progress that will continue (most likely) throughout the whole year. I have created a news page with updates for Shoji's Journey. It can be found here.

Why I Wrote This

Well, I wrote this because I wanted to do something different, something that hadn't been done before and was unique. I saw the episode The Headband again and I wanted to answer the question - what did Shoji do after that? Before I wrote this, I had been thinking that the Fire Nation was awful and evil and all Firebenders were dastardly, but then I met Shoji and his friends. In my story, Shoji meets all kinds of prejudice. But he keeps on standing for who he is. It's made me realize that Fire Nation are people, too.


Book 1: Fire

The story starts when a boy named Kuzon, from the colonies, is thrown into school. Shoji immediately takes a liking to him. He is there when Kuzon first meets Hide, the bully, and invites Kuzon to play hide-and-explode with him after the confrontation.

But we soon learn that Shoji's parents are having troubles. This worries Shoji more than ever and he learns secrets that the Fire Nation has been striving to keep covered.

Then, Shoji is invited to Kuzon's dance party. When he gets there and finds out what it is, he stays and endures to the end. He even helps his friend escape the Headmaster. Then he is in for a real shock: he realizes that Kuzon is an Earthbender and begins to question everything that he has been told about the war and the other nations.

About a week after Kuzon leaves, Master Raul invites Shoji to be trained under him in the art of Firebending. His mother is overjoyed. Shoji learns many new techniques and realizes that he is a much more powerful Firebender than he thought. But unexpectedly, Master Raul leaves the school, leaving Shoji only a small emblem to remember him by - a white lotus Pai Sho tile.

Meanwhile, in his home life, On Ji comes to visit, startling Shoji immensely. What she comes to talk about surprises Shoji even more - they both wonder about Kuzon and life outside the Fire Nation. On Ji and Shoji find that they have a lot in common and become very close friends - and maybe even more.

A few days after Master Raul disappears, the special guests arrive. They are Zuko, Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee. In Firebending class, Azula offers to take Shoji to the royal palace. She calls On Ji a disgrace after learning her secret. Mai and Ty Lee demonstrate their abilities and make a fool out of Razin. Then, at home, Shoji takes drastic measures as he and On Ji decide to run.

Unfortunately, getting away isn't so easy - especially with Azula hot on their trail. After seeing them walk down the street, she comes and fights Shoji, attempting to kill On Ji with lightning. However, Azula drops back and lets them escape, warning Shoji that he'll never get away until he has been captured.

Shortly thereafter, Shoji and On Ji come across a small village. The visit The Fire Nation Cafe and buy an ostrich horse. Around a campfire, Shoji is startled by On Ji's remark, causing him to wonder - is there really something going on between them?

After hearing weird voices in his head, Shoji discovers that he was hearing On Ji's dream. Then they are attacked by the Yu Yan Archers (which some of you may remember from The Blue Spirit). However, this time the archers relent, stating that they are not going to be controlled by the Fire Nation. Since both groups are travelling in the same direction, they go together.

Along the way, On Ji and Shoji find new skills and learn more about themselves and each other. They make some new friends, dance, have fun, and...the juicy details will not be exposed. The Yu Yan Archers (and Shoji) head for town to get some clothing and supplies. Unfortunately, some tundra tanks appear...and start attacking them. And the tanks are fireproof. And although they're arrow-proof, On Ji shoots some arrows at them...and something surprising happens.

Back at camp, everyone says their good byes. Shoji and On Ji find out who their new member is, and On Ji accepts her new name: Miri. Then they head for the docks. They discover that it is kind of hard to sneak onto a ship - but manage to do it anyway.

Soon after sneaking onto the boat, they meet a guard, Dalian. The next day he introduces them to his guard-in-training, Cheng, who bonds with Team Runaway quite quickly. As the boat approaches land, Mai and Ty Lee make an appearance. So begins a long fight that ends when Ty Lee is burned by Shoji, who regrets everything.

Book 2: Air

Team Runaway comes to a small town called Tai Qing. They meet Song and her mother, Hisa, as well as Jin and her mother Mitsu. Iandao and Song become well acquainted, as do Shoji and Jin. After climbing a tree in the middle of the village, they see Iandao and Song talk and then kiss. Then Fire Nation soldiers come up over the horizon.

There is an epic battle. Shoji avoids using Firebending so as not to give himself away. When Jin is about to be killed, her special abilities are discovered. Then Shoji had to make a choice: keep his origins secret or save Song. He uses his bending to stop the tree she's in from burning, ultimately ending in Hisa's change of heart.

Soon thereafter, Team Runaway prepares to leave. Jin makes a startling announcement and her mother, Mitsu, tells her a story about her birth.


Main Characters

Characters who are in almost every episode.

Other Characters

Characters who are in three or more episodes, appear often during the series, or are important to the series.

  • Azula

For a full list of characters, click here.

For more information on my plans for characters, click here.


Book 1: Fire

Book 2: Air

Book 3: Water

No chapters released yet


"Keito, using just the backdrop of a filler episode of A:TLA, has crafted the beginning of a fascinating story."
— Lovelyb0nes, creator of A:TLAR
"Hey! I just read your 'Shoji's Journey' episodes. They are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
— Sakitanashita
"I like Shoji's Journey because it takes a couple characters that weren't named or given much face time, and it spins a whole story around them trying to find the truth..."
— Evatar114

I thank everyone who read my fanon and anyone who commented. I really appreciate it. Special thanks to IbongAdarna, The Ultimate Waterbender, and Skybender101 for giving me feedback. These quotes are not fabricated! I promise. Either people wrote them themselves or dropped me a line on my talk page. Keitonashita Sokka FNDisguise Sprite

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  • In The Firebending Master, the nine positions quite closely resemble the first nine stances of The Dancing Dragon.
  • On Ji was originally not going to be a main character in the series.
  • It was later discovered that "Kaizuh" is the name of one of the users on Avatar Wiki.
  • The name "Iandao" comes from "Piandao," the sword master in Sokka's Master.
  • Master Raul is greatly based on Piandao. However, he is a master Firebender and not a master swordsman.

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