By M1O Part of the Break the Cycle continuity.
"Oh wait, I got it - the Sho Stopper."
"That's not funny, man."
—Hong casually remarking on Sho's capture

Sho is a slave sympathizer and shuttles them to the Southern Water Tribe and Fire Nation whenever he can. He is also secretly a Waterbender, and this secret is so secret that he doesn't even know about it, although this may just be his guardians neglecting to tell him. This fact might have been helpful if made known to him earlier, before a fake slave enlisted his services and commandeered his ship.

But we all know he was just distracted by her good looks.

Early Life

Sho was born in the Southern Water Tribe. His family were prolific Waterbenders and community leaders who tried to help their people out of poverty. However, their skill was so renowned that they were conscripted into service by the New Moon Overseer. In order to prevent Sho from being enslaved as well, his parents blocked his chi without his knowing to prevent him from reflexively Waterbending during their assessment. The fact that he had never attempted to do so before also helped matters, and he was only ambiguously aware of his talent but soon thought he never had it at all due to this event. Despite this experience, he kept his family's values close to heart.

The poor boy was then left with his aunt and her husband who were not Waterbenders. Although they were kind, they were less effective in their efforts to aid themselves and others, and his aunt was known to gamble whenever they had a windfall of good fortune. This eventually paid off, however, and she was able to win not only a sizable amount of money but also an old merchant vessel from the Earth Kingdom patrols with whom she was on good terms, although they may have been paying her back for losing so graciously earlier. They decided to keep the ship and use it to open a freelance shipping business as well as double as a new home. After some years and Sho became old enough to work the business on his own, his aunt and uncle retired due to failing health and settled down in the Fire Nation. On leaving, Sho brought a woman named Owan to the mainland.

Character & Abilities

Sho is a crafty fellow, which is good because his sort of business requires wit and cunning to succeed in. He feigns exaggeration of his characteristics to fool others into thinking he's just full of himself, so when the time is right he demonstrates that he knows exactly where his strengths and weaknesses are. For example, he often boasts that his ship is the fastest frigate in the southern seas, but it is, in reality, only as fast as other frigates. But, it is extremely well-armored for a ship of its class, its hull reinforced from the inside, and can easily smash smaller patrol ships and sink them in a matter of minutes. As can be seen, Sho has no qualms about killing if it leads to the fastest and most efficient solution to a problem. He has also taken care to make his vessel and himself as unassuming as possible and is not above bribing people for identification codes and other necessary items, and is trained in vehicular upkeep.

After his temporary incarceration, Sho learns that he is, in fact, a Waterbender, although not yet a very good one, obviously. He applies himself to his practices with a fiery devotion which possibly conflicts with obtaining a mastery over the art, as does the notion that it is merely another skill like knowing how to pilot a ship or patch it up. Still, while he never comes to have a true spiritual root in the art, he sharpens his skill through persistence and sly control, just like his other skills. He is also somewhat competitive and hates to lose, although he never lets this disrupt his cool head, usually. His seemingly carefree attitude undermines the severity of his ties to the world's problems and he sometimes butts head with Hong and Teach in spite of ultimately caring just as much but in a different style.

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