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Zuko and Jin

Shoji's Journey has many different possible combinations of people, like the original series. Although there are many different ships, included in this article are only the ones that seem reasonable, or plausible.



Shoji appears to have several love interests throughout the series. At this point in time is unsure if any will end up being his life companion.

Sho Ji

Shoji and On Ji. There are many moments that represent this pair, such as in The Yu Yan Archers.


Shoji and Jin. The two meet in Song. Jin shows interest in Shoji from the moment she lays eyes on him, and Shoji admits to feel queasy around her, though good or bad it is unsure.


Shoji and Kai. In The Yu Yan Archers, Kai dances with him. Shoji said he was quite thankful when the dance was over, however, and so it is unclear whether this ship will last.


Although Dalian has so far appeared in two episodes, Stowaways and The Trap, the author plans to include him in more episodes throughout the series, possibly as an antagonist.


Dalian and Jin. Although it seems unlikely that the two will meet, this is possible. They have some similar qualities, but it is doubtful the two will ever get to know each other.


Dalian and Song. This is plausible but unlikely. Song is a soft, gentle, innocent girl and therefore the duo would probably not work well together.


Dalian and Kai. The two of them have many similar attributes and qualities. If the two were to meet, which is possible, there may be sparks.

Ty Lian

Dalian and Ty Lee. This seems to be the most reasonable, as Dalian has appeared to become an antagonist in the series. He will probably meet Team Azula and befriend them, if not join them.


Cheng being one of the main characters has an abundance of possibilities when it comes to shipping. However, the author chose to "keep it real" and only do the shippings that he thought would be appropriate for this particular character.


Cheng and Jin. The two meet in Song and there may be a strong enough friendship to last, although it is not shown thus far in the series.

Cheng Ji

Cheng and On Ji. On Ji is shown to have a soft spot for Cheng, first seen in Stowaways. The two could easily be a pair.


Cheng and Kai. This would be strange as Cheng is thirteen and rather immature, compared with Kai, who is more mature, yet can still have fun. However, if they ever met something could happen.


Iandao being one of the older characters in the series, his love interests are generally more mature and closer to his age. However, his interests are based more on personality than age.


This seems likely as the two eyed each other often in Song. They are both on the older side of the group and have similar personalities. Of all the Iandao shippings, this seems the most plausible.


There never seems to be sparks between Iandao and Jin, although they become friends. Therefore this ship will doubtful ever exist.


This is probably unlikely. Although Kai and Iandao are not actually brother and sister, they feel that way because they grew up together, making this ship not plausible.


  • All ships involving On Ji or Ty Lee have two sections: one for the male character and one for the female character (e.g. "Ty Lian" and "Cheng Ji")
  • Dalian is currently the only antagonist featured on the shipping page. (Ty Lee does not count.)
  • Cheng and Song is not a ship because they are cousins. Song referred to Cheng "as a long-lost brother," further implying that the two would not become love interests.

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