By Dr.Doom23 Part of the The Secrets of the Beast continuity.

(???:Greetings, gore sport fans! It's a beautiful evening on Taku just perfect weather for our unwilling contestants to compete in ShinoMitori! I'll be giving you a slay by slay count of tonight's bloodbath. you can be sure to not miss a single disembowelment, or brutal shanking! this is Chō your current commentator along with former champion-)

(???:I got this the name is Suǒ and we're here to explain the Shinomitori)

General information



Killers, assassins, hitmen, anyone that can kill really


A five ringed game to the death


For the losers mostly death, for the winners a grand prize


(Cho:The ShinoMitori also known as Deathwatch is an ancient and blood fill tournament recently rediscovered by our boss Ryuji in an attempt to get the blood lust out of the crowd)

(Suo:And make sure that the fighters present get to gain a grand prize for surviving all five rings of This Game)


(Cho:That's obvious, it's for people to each other without so much as a "Stop it that hurts" like my ex-wife always stopping when the cow is involved-)

(Suo:And we are back from Cho's sad epic with his Ex-wife, now as Cho was starting to talk about The ShinMitori is a tournament meant to get people to relieve their murderous urges both inside the games and outside in the crowd)

(Cho: "Why can't you get it up like your brother")

(Suo:Shut yer trap!)


Little Měi Tǒng's industrial stage

(Cho:Oh yes the industrial level with as many saw blades, chompers, and rose bushes as these crazed animals can kill each with, what a spectacle isn't that right Suo?)

(Suo:Key-freakin-rect, Cho! I've survived more than my share of these crazy contests, and I can tell you that our audience is gonna see more gush and blood, and severed heads, than a troop of Kyoshi Warriors, camping in an unexploded minefield. We got some savage contestants, amazing arenas, and a HECK load of surprises for ya!)

(Cho:So sharpen your knives, place your bets, and get ready to enjoy, DeathWatch!)

(Suo:So much fun it hurts!)

The arena walls were cage like with the bars continuous overlapping each other, it all ended 30 meters in the air where the spectators stood and cheered, drank, ate (if they could stomach it), and the best part, they could throw weapons into the arena for the fighters to use.


Little Měi Tǒng is bald with gray wore purple top, short-sleeved, with tattered ends at the sleeves end, with a protective shoulder guard covering his right shoulder and bicep; the straps going round his arm and beneath his armpit. His trousers are the same purple coloration, with two belts worn around his waist, the lower of which partly overlaps with the upper at the back, though not at the front; with the loose part of the upper belt being threaded down through the second, which proceeds to hang in his hands a giant spiked ball-and-chain.

(Suo:You know what I don't get, why they call him Little Měi Tǒng when he's so freaking big?)

(Cho:I think its supposed to be ironic)

(Suo:. . .What?)

(Cho:You know. The use of words to express something other than, and especially the opposite of, the literal meaning. Usually a humorous or sardonic literary style or form)

(Suo:You got beat up in school a lot, didn't you?)

(Cho:. . .yes)

Rinrin's Outer City

(Cho:And here we are in the second ring of the Games)

(Suo:tell em something they don't know Cho)

(Cho:My ex-wife is always open on the weekends in more ways then one)

(Suo:I said something they didn't already know!, anyway here is The Outer city)

(Cho:That's right with newly built traps, spikes and many surprise for those that think stabbing is fun)

(Suo:let the bloodshed begin)

As it seemed to be like a small town in its own right except it seem that someone wanted this place to be flashy as possible as there were many colorful signs, dragon statues, decorations of all sorts. In the middle of the area was a large gong, most of the walls were covered in spikes dubbed rosebushes.


Rinrin wore a black sleeveless evening gown with gold accents at the bottom. She wears a black and gold sash held by a red rope-like belt. The outfit is completed with red shoes, gold earrings and black and gold bracelets. Her hair is bunched up and tied into buns on the top, with the rest let down below shoulder-level it's held by red ropes with golden balls at the tips.

(Cho: And here comes Rinrin, the fantastic kung-fu queen. Suo, didn't the two of you have a thing a while back?)

(Suo: If by "thing", you mean a 5-minute fight that left me spitting teeth and losing blood, then yeah, we had a thing.)

Qiángzhì's underground laboratory

(Suo: Hope you didn't forget about the blood covered halls of ShinoMitori because we are now in the third ring Qiángzhì's underground laboratory where mad science has gone wrong. . .SCIENCE!)

(Cho:The real location of this lab is unknown to everyone excluding Ryuji and any that try to find this place has either disappeared or been lobotomized. Judging from your comments throughout the course of this event, I'd have to guess the latter in your case, Suo.)

(Suo:SCREW YOU!. . .but, yeah, that would kinda explain a lot of things. The blurred vision, the metal point on my head, the mysterious foreign object up my-)

(Cho:Yeah The last one's mine. Be sure to rinse it off when you're done)


It was very large room with the left of it was large platform with and equally large statue equipped with a large sword staring at him and Tora looked down the railing cutting off the platform. he looked down and realized that there showed three floors worth of spiked walls, floors with spikes and large guillotines hanging up above certain parts of the winding walk ways.


Qiángzhì wears a white trench-coat with white cargo pants held up by a black belt. A Shihakushō colored a mixture of white and light blue, with the symbol of the Ying and Yang worn proudly on the back of his sash, He uses a beam-like sword from a currently unknown energy.

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