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Shinn Fey
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Fire Nation



Physical description


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Eye color

Light Red

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Weapon of choice

Wakizashi (Short Sword)

Bending style(s)
  • Firebending
  • Earthbending
  • Airbending
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Unrealised Avatar



  • Kai Fey
  • Tenzin


First appearance

Rise of an Avatar


Early Life

Shinn Fey was the first born son of Kai Fey and Mia Fey, a poor farming family in the southern Fire Nation. Unknown to his mother and father Shinn was born as the previous Avatar passed away, making him next in line. However due his family's poor social status he was unable to be checked and the new 'Avatar' was a child who simply got lucky.

As a child he was nearly killed by Xu Ki who attacked his home and brutally murdered his mother and father and badly wounded him, which as a result had deep effects on his personality.

As he grew up alone his Firebending became unnaturally powerful. With no education and no remaining family Shinn became a drifer who came to towns and worked for a day and then left the next.

As he travelled across the Fire Nation the government had become more powerful as Prince Zukai, the child believed to be the Avatar, was beginning to master Firebending. As such the army became boastful of their own bending and Shinn was often beaten as he wandered. Eventually to escape the dangers of his nation he ventured to the Earth Kingdom to maybe find his place in the world.

Arrival In the Earth Kingdom

After reaching the Earth Kingdom Shinn wasted no time getting into a fight. However it was with good cause as he was defending someone else. After leaving the town he was ambushed by a gang of men who attacked him and left him for dead.

After coming round at Liu and Luia Shao's farm he met the mysterious doctor. He fought to defend his new friends against a mysterious cloaked group before discovering he could Earthbend. Shinn now had to deal with the possibility that he of all people was the Avatar.

Shinn then trained with Liu to better his firebending, as Liu is a powerful Earthbender it meant he would be a worthy training opponent. He also confesses he knew the men who had attacked them but did not tell Liu how he knew them.

When Xu Ki attacked a nearby town Shinn and Liu rushed to help. After an intense battle Shinn momentarily enters the 'Avatar State' but after seeing Xu Ki's true face he loses control of the power. Weakened by his battle he is electricuted by Xu which, apparently, kills him.

Surviving Alone

However Shinn miraculously survived and awoke on a nearby beachhead. He saw a vision of a woman in Earth Kingdom clothing and fainted. He also saw the murder of his parents again but from a free point of view and saw Xu Ki's ruthless destruction. As a result Shinn's true power began to unlock as he healed himself effortlessly before continuing on with one thing on his mind. That thing was...Revenge!

He later encountered an Earth Kingdom warrior named Ren Xu who attacked him but was easily repelled. Shinn joined Ren who intrigued him with knowledge of spies in the Fire Nation that could supply vital information about certain people. Thinking this may get him closer to Xu, Shinn deicided to join Ren's commando group. Shinn would fight with Ren and in exchange be fed information of Xu's activities in the Fire Nation. He then learned of Xu's visit to the city of Isu and Ren promises to get Shinn his chance at vengeance.

Shinn served under Ren in the guard and quickly got into something interesting. As Shinn and Ren confronted a man who had been on a murder spree he engages him in battle. Shinn narrowly wins but still has no clues to the man's identity.

Fighting Fuma and Xu

Shinn meets the masked man again who reveals himself as Fuma. Fuma begins to attack Shinn who, due to a mysterious crystal, had lost his firebending and gifted the ability to Fuma who used it to deadly effect. However it seemed to have a side-effect as Shinn's Earthbending became much more powerful. In the end the battle ends with no clear victor and as Fuma departs he makes Shinn question his actions toward Xu.

Shinn and Xu later face-off in the Earth Kingdom Palace. During the battle, Shinn enters the Avatar State and quickly gains an upper hand. However, Xu unleashs his own powers making the battle even again. Shinn manages to eventually overpower Xu and despite all Xu has done, lets him live to face the consequences of his actions.

Journey to the Temple

Two months later Shinn travels to the Southern Air Temple and engages an unknown monk in battle, the battle is swift and ends without a winner therefor he has no clue to the monk's identity.

Shinn continues on through the frozen wasteland and, after avoiding a large fall he arrivied at the Southern Air Temple. As he neared the temple Shinn was attacked but by revealing his ability to bend two elements the monks surrendered. Shinn then learnt he would be taught by a monk who had attacked him, a monk called Tenzin.

Shinn later trained and bonded with Tenzin after the monks instructed Tenzin to teach Shinn the ways of airbending. During these practise sessions Shinn began to notice a monk watching him, Shinn began to wonder who he was and why he was so interested in him. Tenzin dismissed it as simple curiosity as the monks hardly ever got visitors. Shinn however, refused to believe him.

Shinn did later find out that the monk was Gyun after the two had a confontration in the training ground. Shinn easily bested the monk and before he could get information from him, Gyun was killed by Fuma. The assassin complemented Shinn's abilities before leaving the Avatar confused by recent events.


Shinn could match even master Firebenders with ease thanks to his unnatural talent. He was also very experienced with his short-sword Wakizashi. His Firebending was his main strength however and he could easily generate massive jets of flame that only masters could maintain. Thanks to his time alone, he had also become very agile and athletic and, with his firebending, created a deadly combo .


As a child seeing his parents murdered while he was powerless had deep psychological effects of him. He would rarely talk to anyone unless he had to and would lash out if anyone dares to speak badly of him. Due to his isolation from others, he had developed a hatred toward anyone from the Fire Nation, not just the people who ended his parents' lives.

As a result, Shinn would usually get on with people from other nations, mostly just because he preferred them to the Fire Nation citizens.

Strangely, Shinn still had a sense of honour: he would not kill unless he had to and he would always defend the weak and people who were defenseless. This often got him into trouble, however, as he usually had to fight to protect people.

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