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WARNING: This character page contains various major and minor spoilers for The Avatar Rhythm. If you have not read The Avatar Rhythm and wish to at some point, do not read this page.

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The Fire Days Festival

Shinji is a main character of The Avatar Rhythm Series.


Early Life

Not much is known about Shinji's early life. When he was 14, he set out into the Spirit World to lift his family's curse that originated when his great-grandfather Zhao attempted to kill the moon spirit. In order to do so, he had to trick Koh, who became very upset when he realized that a boy had fooled him, and promised anyone who killed Shinji immortality.
Somehow, The Quadrination Bandits grew a hold of this information, and decided to hunt down Shinji for his youthful bounty. They stormed his house when he was 15, and killed his parents. Shinji escaped, but had nightmares of the dreadful attack for years to come.
It is unknown where Shinji escaped to after that, but eventually he ended up on a boat in the middle of the ocean, then in an Earth Kingdom village, and by the time he was 24 he was part of the crew of the Fire Days Festival, where Shirou saw him performing a magic trick.

Air Nomads

It is not known if he was attacked again, but after some time, Shinji escaped to an Air Nomad island, where he hid from the Quadrination Bandits in the basement of a monastery, growing under the alias an assassin named The Fire Nomad.
In the beginning of Autumn that year, Shirou, who had washed up on the shores of the same island, met Shinji and allied with him, and they set off to the Western Air Temple. Shinji agreed to kill Hotaru for Shirou as long as he protected him from the Quadrination Bandits, and they slowly became friends after saving a small Air Nomad village from the Venomsprout, collecting one of the toxic plants for themselves.
When sailing towards the Western Air Temple, The Procession found weapons on their boat while they passed their Western Headquarters, resulting in being imprisoned. Shirou and Shinji successfully escaped the base, but in order to do so Shirou had to dump eleven hundred of The Procession's gold coins into the ocean, making him and Shinji their enemy, narrowly escaping.
Afterwards, while hiking through a large island, Takumi saved them from being attacked by a Gemsbok Bull, and invited the duo to his village. They grew a small friendship, but it was quickly ended when The Quadrination Bandits ambushed them, and Shirou and Shinji had to leave.
Following an incident at Avatar Aang's grave, Shirou and Shinji were pursued by The Quadrination Bandits again at a certain black market, and this time only escaped through the encounter of a mysterious Air Nomad who gave them access to Nun Gate, which they fled to. At Nun Gate they were told that the sky bison which usually gave rides to The Western Air Temple had its saddle stolen, and they were told to retrieve it. During the trek, his life was saved by Shirou while climbing a cliff, and when they reached the top, they were greeted by a nun who revealed to them that the whole endeavor was a test of teamwork, and they were granted passage to The Western Air Temple.
After arriving, Shinji agreed to kill Hotaru if Shirou recruited the Air Nomad armies to defend themselves from The Quadrination Bandits, and he found the Avatar's meditation room to plan the attack. When they faced Hotaru though, Shirou stepped up but felt too guilty to kill her, and allowed Gephel, who had arrived at the temple with the other Quadrination Bandits, to attack them. Hotaru saved them from a horrible demise, only under the condition that Shinji and Shirou would tell her everything that was going on, which they did. When they returned to the temple, The Procession had arrived, and him and Shirou tried escaping. On the way, Shirou admitted that he had lied to him about the Air Nomad's armies being ready to protect them from the Quadrination Bandits, and Shinji felt betrayed, turning on his friend, resulting with a four way duel with Hotaru and Kyong, in which the duo finally ran from, hiding stowaway on The Procession's airship.


Shinji has a strict personality, he is very focused and doesn't hesitate to do a task when it is given to him. Although he does crack a joke every now and then, it is usually only with people he trusts, as The Quadrination Bandits have corrupted him and made him very paranoid. Shinji very barely shows appreciation for peace or kindness, and usually is forced by Shirou not to quickly leave friends or get too violent.



Shinji is an excellent Firebender, and his bending has gotten him out of various troubles and tight situations. He seems to bend through variations of kicks, rather than punches, although uses both. He also knows certain Firebending magic tricks.

Spiritual Connection

It is unknown how strong his connections with the Spirit World are, or if he has any, but at age 14 he was able to enter the Spirit World and meet Koh, who he managed to trick, a challenging task that also may have been aided by a spiritual connection of some sorts.



  • In Japanese, Shinji means "True second". He could be a second child, or it may be referring to being the second person in the duo with Shirou.

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