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Shin Yun
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Northeastern Fire Nation


Fire Nation Domestic Navy harbour


Fire Nation Capital

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Fire Lord


Fire Lord Zuko


Fire Nation Domestic Navy

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Shin Yun is a small town located at the coast of the Northeastern Fire Nation. The town houses a harbour, which is under the administration of the Fire Nation Domestic Fleet.


The Town was the main harbour for the Fire Nation Domestic Fleet for several years, but was given a much more important role during the Red Revolt, when it housed most of the Domestic Army and Navy.

When Hokai found out that his friend Aang had been killed, he decided to avenge his death and the death of his people. He boarded a ship which was headed to Shin Yun, and stole some torpedoes from it. He found a cave on the opposite side of the bay, where the Naval base was located. From there, he would stage attacks on the Fire Nation Domestic Fleet, sinking several of its' cruisers.

When Fire Lord Zuko heard about the attacks he sent Team Avatar to investigate. After some investigation the Gaang found and battled Hokai, not realizing who he was. After the battle Hokai joined Team Avatar, reunited with his old friend.

Layout and description

Shin Yun is located in the idyllic surroundings of the Northeastern Fire Nation, with perfect weather and climate. When the Hundred Year War started, the Fire Nation Domestic Fleet landed on the shores of the bay and started building their military base and harbour.

The economy of the town relies heavily on the Military, as there are several blacksmiths and various armories that supply the Fire Nation Domestic Service.

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