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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Alicia Jewel's upcoming story series.

Shia II (Shia)
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Ba Sing Se



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Shia (deceased great-grandmother) Bei Shirong (deceased great-grandfather), Tai (grandmother), Mara (mother)

Shia II (more commonly referred to as Shia) is a deaf Airbender who makes her residence in the Earth Kingdom. She will be featured in a currently unnamed story series being written by Alicia Jewel.


Not much is currently known about Shia's appearance, but it is known that she will have short brown hair and blue eyes similar to her great-grandmother's.


Shia is a very shy person who greatly fears the outside word. When confronted with a difficult situation, she tends to flee. Despite her powerful Airbending techniques, she has very little self-confidence and believes herself to be weak due to her handicap. Like most Airbenders, she is mostly defensive and evasive in the rare situations she does have to fight in.


Shia was born to a family of Earthbenders during the last years of the War with the ability to Airbend, a trait inherited from her great-grandmother. She was born deaf but was able to communicate with others using sign language. Later, she learned to utilize her Airbending techniques and her other enhanced senses to understand what others say by reading their lips and the unique air flow that each word produces (although she tends to mix up similar-sounding words) and speak by manipulating the wind to create a voice. However, her abilities are greatly hindered on windy days.

During the course of the War, Shia was forced to hide her Airbending out of fear of being found and killed by the Fire Nation. However, when the War finally ended, she was free to use her powers as she wished, though she still uses them sparingly out of shyness.

While flying around Ba Sing Se under her mother's encouragement to express her abilities, she is noticed by Aang, who is thrilled to finally meet another living Airbender. The two quickly become friends and teach each other various Airbending techniques.

It is currently unknown exactly what will occur during the course of Shia's story, but it is known that she harbors the idea of using Aang the repopulate the Airbenders.

Character Creation

Shia II was inspired by the canon character Toph Bei Fong. Alicia Jewel did not want to create an Airbending clone of her, however, and gave Shia a completely opposite personality and living situation--instead of being sheltered for her handicap (and, ironically, her abilities), she was encouraged by her mother to be more open in spite of it.

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