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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Alicia Jewel's upcoming story series.

Biographical information
Birth place

Eastern Air Temple


Ba Sing Se (before death)



Physical description
Hair color


Eye color


Personal information



Bei Shirong (deceased husband), Tai (daughter), Mara (granddaughter) Shia (great-granddaughter)

Shia was an Airbender who lived before and during the first part of the War. She will be featured in a currently unnamed story series being written by Alicia Jewel.


Not much is known about Shia's appearance at the moment, but it is known that she had long brown hair and blue eyes.


Unlike most other Airbenders, Shia had a desire to live on the earth instead of in the air. She was headstrong, independent, and a bit nosy. She had a bad habit of getting into businesses that were not her own, but she was also a very powerful Airbender. She was mostly offensive instead of defensive, often stubbornly refusing to flee a fight.


About one hundred years ago, Shia lived in the Eastern Air Temple and was a skilled Airbender. However, as much as she loved her life in the sky, she longed to see the world below and learn of its affairs. When she was sixteen, she ran away from home on her Flying Bison, Daria, to the city of Omashu. At first, she found city life exciting, but she slowly began to realize that she did not fit in with the Earthbenders, who controlled her opposite element.

As she was considering giving up on her life in the city, she met a young man by the name of Bei Shirong, who was fascinated by Shia's ability to fly. The two quickly became friends and eventually fell in love. They were married when Shia was eighteen.

A few years later, Shia traveled to the Southern Air Temple for the sake of nostalgia. There, she met young Avatar Aang and curiously probed him for information about what it was like to be the Avatar. The next day, he was reported missing, and Shia began to feel as though it was her fault that he had run away. She fell into a depression that later spiked when the Fire Nation wiped out the rest of the Air Nomads and, later, Daria.

Shia was forced to hide her Airbending out of fear that the Fire Nation would find and kill her. With the help of her husband, Shia slowly crawled out of her depression and eventually had a daughter named Tai.

When Tai was a mature adult, Bei Shirong was killed in a battle against the Fire Nation. Shia's depression surfaced again, and she became so weak that it eventually killed her. Although she would never know it, she later had a granddaughter named Mara and a great-granddaughter named after her.

Character Creation

Alicia Jewel created Shia out of her love of "non-conformatist" characters, who she gained an interest of after reading several dystopian novels that encouraged people to create their own paths to the future. She was also curious to experiment with an Airbender character who had any interaction with the Avatar, a feat that was achieved with both Shias.

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