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Shi Tian Tang
General information
  • Unknown Person.
  • Jiu Si ( 5th Leader ).
Notable members
  • Unknown Person.
  • Jiu Si ( 5th Member / 5th Leader )
  •  ???.
  •  ??? ( Co - founder ).
Shi Tian Tang is an opposing group of Team Avatar. Their current goal is to defeat the Fire Nation, but they targeted Aang at first (who they thought was the current Fire Lord ).


Shi Tian Tang were formed by a rebellious person in the Whaletail Island, who wants revenge on the Fire Nation for causing chaos around the world. However, he thinks, to achieve peace, he needs war, chaos, havoc, and anything destructive to make anyone feel how he feels. But shortly after he gathered rebellious people around the world (presumed to include Analay, Visola, Hiroshi & Riley ), he died suddenly because of a heart attack.

In the 2nd generation of this group, their leader (in silhouette) was a more sadistic and power - hungry person than their 1st generation leader. The group now consists of only 10 people who were mostly banished from their nation. They specialize in their bending techniques.


There's not much known about this group's members. Known members are :
Qin inside the drill

Jiu SI during his time at Fire Nation

  • Unknown Person ( 1st / True Leader ).
  • Jiu Si ( 5th Members / 5th Leader ).


  • This group has a very strong resemblance to Akatsuki, who have 10 powerful members & all of them were defected from their own villages.

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