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Warning! This page contains spoilers for "Avatar: Perfection".

Shi Lin is a main character in the fanon Avatar: Perfection where she is an Earth Kingdom girl trying to rebel against the ever oppressive Fire Nation.

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Shi Lin
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Earth Kingdom



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Dark gray

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Dao, Butterfly Swords



Shi Lin was born in 64 AG to a wealthy Earth Kingdom family in Ba Sing Se as the youngest of five siblings, all of which who were earthbenders. Often left out and not included in her family's everyday life, she left the city at age 11 to find a life of more excitement where she would be accepted. After meeting a group of pirates, she traveled with them for a few years, learning how to defend herself and how to fight with a dao, and then a butterfly sword. She leaves the pirates now with her pet sparrowkeet, Po. Though not great, she managed to handle the weapon and decided to try to rebel and fight off Fire Nation soldiers and patrols on her own with her newfound skill. This ended with little to no success on her part, and heartbroken and unsure of what to do, Shi Lin decided to return to Ba Sing Se, but before she could, was captured by the same Fire Nation patrol she had attacked several months earlier.


After being captured by the Fire Nation, the patrol came upon Ryuu and Lia, who were running away from the Fire Nation. The two successfully defeated the patrol, and nearly hurt Shi Lin before Lia realized that she was not one of them. Shi Lin, inspired by their bravery and skills, decided herself that she would join them without any invitation. Hoping she could take down the Fire Nation and also further her skills with her Butterfly Sword, she leaves with them towards the Northern Water Tribe.


Shi Lin is a chipper, more cheerful person of her time, considering the amount of devastation the Fire Nation has brought to the rest of the world. She is optimistic for the future, and in this way, a little bit naive. At first she believes she can take down the Fire Nation single-handedly, but quickly learns from experience this is not the case. She wishes that she was an earthbender, and secretly envies the skills of her family and friends.

Other than the Fire Nation, Shi Lin is very social and curious. She hopes to learn more about the world and other nations as she travels with Ryuu and Lia.


Shi Lin stands about 5'8", being fairly tall with black hair with bangs that she wears in a short ponytail. Her eyes are a very dark gray. She has pale skin and dresses in black and white. She is usually seen with her pet, Po on her shoulder.


Though a nonbender, Shi Lin still tries her best to fight against the Fire Nation with her Butterfly Swords, a type of Dao also known as a Wu Dip Dao. She also uses her long Dao Sword, both of which she received when traveling with pirates. Though a bit sloppy with the weapons at first, she improves over the course of the series to be a nimble and fast-thinking sword-fighter.

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