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Shey is a minor character in Avatar: Guardian.


Early Life

Shey was born to an Earth Kingdom nurse and her soldier husband. Since his father was away during most of his life, he grew very close to his older brother. The two grew up together and practiced Earthbending together often. Eventually, his brother grew up and joined the Earth Kingdom Army. Shey wanted to go with him, but was too young. Shey stayed at home for the next few years and eventually enlisted in the army as well.

At Ba Sing Se

Shey was assigned to his brother's unit, just on the eve of Iroh's attack on Ba Sing Se. Shey was on the front lines with his brother as he was killed by a Fire Nation soldier. Shey killed that soldier, but never forgave the commanding officer, Iroh, for launching the attack. His unit remained in Ba Sing Se for the next several years, until the Fire Nation finally conquered the city. Shey and a few of his underlings scattered to the West Coast of the Earth Kingdom.

The Road Home

On his way home with the group of his soldiers, he begs for food and money on the side of the road while they travel. He has not been very successful, as he tells Iroh that the nobility who pass him always deny him money. He eventually resolves to take what he needs, and he stops the next carriage he sees. He demands money from the old man he sees on the inside, though the man denies that he has any. Shey doesn't believe him, and hovers a boulder over the man's head. The old man attacks the group of soldiers with Firebending, and Shey deduces that the man is none other than the Dragon of the West, Iroh.

He announces his hatred of Iroh and begins attacking even fiercer, bent on getting revenge for his brother. Iroh eventually defeats his entire group, knocking them all unconscious. He leaves a note, apologizing for his brother's death and promising to return with money and supplies.



Shey Earthbending


Shey is shown to be a capable Earthbender, able to move large rocks in battle. His experiences as a soldier has shown him how to be merciless with his bending, and he is able to be brutal. He is also precise with his bending, being able to hover a large boulder over Iroh's head without dropping it.

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