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Shenqi Zhu
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Earth Kingdom


95 (Deceased)

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Earth Kingdom, The Zhu family


Captain Sao Feng's ancestor

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Earth Kingdom

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Book 2: Water Chapter 5: The Golden Claw

Shenqi Zhu is a minor character in the fanon, Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan. Shenqi Zhu, was a noblewoman who once lived on the outskirts of Han Tui hundreds of years ago.


Shenqi, was a noblewoman who was born into the Zhu noble family, hundreds of years ago, in the city of Han Tui. The last living relative of Shenqi is one of her an ancestors who lives in Ba Sing Se the Earth Kingdom capital city.

The merchant who gave Rong Yan and the gang the quest to retrieve the Golden Claw, which is an artifact that Shenqi once held and obtained as a gift from her father.

The merchant story goes: Yes, the Golden Claw, it is a rare artifact known to be hidden within this very land here. I have traveled far and wide to find the Golden Claw, all the clues have led me here to Han Tui. The Golden Claw was once owned by a very rich and powerful noble. It is said that, it was once owned by the noble known as Shenqi of the Zhu family. Her father had obtained it through exploration in a deep vast cave, Shenqi has received the Golden Claw artifact as a family heirloom. One stormy night, when Shenqi was an old woman, a thief had broken into the old woman's house and stole the claw from her household.

The thief had traveled to a nearby cave here by Han Tui, he hid there for the time being until things laid low. The next morning Shenqi had awaken from her sleep to find the claw gone, the claw was the only possession she had that was once owned by her father. Days later, the noblewoman had grown gravely ill, her servants had no idea what she had caught. To no avail they had no other leading cause to her sickness other than the fact she was old. A week had passed by, and Shenqi had passed away in the early morning of the next day.

News had gotten out that the claw was stolen, and the noblewoman known as Shenqi of the Zhu family had passed away. Not two nights have passed when the thief had been awoken by a strange noise within the cave he was hiding in. He believed that maybe it was an animal that had gotten into the cave, maybe later it would go away. The noise continued to be heard by the thief, he had also began to feel a strange presence. He knew it wasn't an animal, it was something of the unknown. Legend has it, that the old woman's spirit had appeared to the thief, and had scared the man to death. The woman had a son who had traveled from Ba Sing Se to Han Tui to bring the woman's body back to the capital city. Shenqi Zhu is buried in Ba Sing Se.

The noblewoman might've died of broken heart as that was the only thing she had owned from her father. It was considered a family heirloom and it was very valuable.

The Golden Claw, was founded by a pirate in a nearby cavern after the gang had went inside of the cavern to look for it as well.


Shenqi, was born a non-bender, and had no skills in fighting that are known, but her father might've taught her a thing or two. Though Shenqi's house was heavily guarded by patrols no one knows for sure how the pirate thief had broken in to her home.

It is said that Shenqi's spirit haunts the cavern which the artifact lay in, but it was just rumors. Shenqi's home was weathered down over the years but the house is some what still intact.

Shenqi's spirit is known to place a curse on you, but from some locals she brings good luck and her spirit is actually harmless. Most people say that they hear her asking for her claw artifact, and that they see her searching around the grounds of her now ruined home only twice a month at night.


  • Unknown Male Descendant (Descendant)
  • Unnamed Father (Father; Deceased)



  • Shenqi Zhu is Chinese for "artifact lord".
  • In the comic version Shenqi Zhu is actually a male character but in written version he was made into a female but still kept the same name.

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