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Shenji is an Earth Kingdom soldier. He fought in the war and was severely injured, resulting in a large burn scar on his torso and almost total amnesia. He is not an Earthbender, but he uses large hammers in battle to great effect.

Background Edit

Not much is known of Shenji's past because even he is unsure of it. He knows that he served in the War and was at one point captured. All his memories are based on his friend Kuro's assumptions, but very little is definitive. He was found in a Fire Nation uniform, and the battalion knew how the Fire Nation used captured prisoners as diversions for enemy soldiers, so they helped him; especially since they found no weapons on him.

Dreams Edit

Shenji is constantly tormented by dreams of being attacked by Firebenders. He also sometimes has dreams about subjects that does not know of. He started a morning routine of writing down the dreams he had in the previous night, making sure that he could note any changes or new material for future reference.

Current Assignment Edit

Years later, Kuro and Shenji are sent on a mission to raid a Fire Nation camp. Kuro and Shenji battle together, eventually winning the battle. Their Captain has them search the campsite, with Kuro finding a building stocked with meat and blasting jelly. After Shenji finds the information the Captain was looking for, the group returns to camp, with Kuro frustrated because the Captain couldn't tell what information they found.

Personality Edit

Shenji has a fun loving personality, enjoying as much of life as possible. He looks forward to battles due to his skill. He enjoys the company of Kuro, his closest friend, who also is his battle partner. Shenji is also a dedicated nationalist, opting to disobey orders at times for what he believes is best for the Earth Kingdom.

Shenji is curious, always wanting to find out new things. This stems from his desire to discover the nature of his past.

Abilities Edit

War hammer

Shenji's dual hammers, his primary weapons.

Although he is in the Earth Kingdom Army, Shenji is not an Earthbender. He fights using dual war hammers, which he found near the body of a fallen Earthbender in battle. He quickly mastered them, being able to even defeat some benders by using only the hammers. He is very skilled in the use of his hammers, as he manages to defeat many Firebenders with only the use of his hammers. He frequently uses the hammers to disable the use of enemy's limbs, rendering them unable to continue fighting.

Shenji is also adaptable, as he is able to quickly make use of new weaponry. While primarily utilizing his hammers, he is able to use spears and swords effectively.

Trivia Edit

  • His name was derived from Hiroshi's pet rock snake, Genji.

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