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Lion turtle forest

Shen Wuzi

Shen Wuzi (深伍兹) is a small village located in the Western Earth Kingdom. It is deep within the woods. It has been around a very long time, yet the people still lead rather simplistic lives of farming and hunting. The village is notable for it's unique development of the art of Woodbending, a sub art of Earthbending.

The fashion of the Shen Wuzi people is very traditional. The men typically wear their hair in a topknot, ornamented with various holders and pins, and often have beards and/or mustaches. Women wear their hair down or piled on top of their head.

The village was the original birthplace of the Mu Lieren (木猎人), a group of elite hunters made up entirely of Woodbenders. Although many years ago only males were allowed to join, females have now been permitted to become members of the Mu Lieren due to the new law placed by current Lead Huntress Biyu.

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