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"I am the master of my blade. Darkness is my soul and fire is my body, thousands of blades I have forged which even death does not know. My hands dripped with the blood of those souls and my blade delivers their ultimate fate. And now you shall join their eternal slumber."
— Shen's words to his victims before using "Gate of Steel"
Shen Long
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Fire Nation (Formerly)



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Spectrum and Yamato

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Lightning Bending, Battojutsu and Duel Swordsmanship


Zuko, Iroh and The 9 Circles of Hell



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Leader and Founder of the 9 Circles of Hell


The 9 Circles of Hell

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The Lightning of Heaven

Shen Long is a skilled swordsman and the very first person the bend lightning, he was once a prince and born in the Fire Nation royal family. He was banished from the Fire Nation for his inability to bend fire, with that he set fort and travelled the world in search for Won Shi Tong's Library.


Was considered to be the black sheep of the Firebender, Shen was the first son and the first royal member of the family to be banished. Due to him being unable to bend and also with a weak body, his father Ozai decided to banish him, which Ursa tried to reason with him but his choice was already decided.

Shen was left to die as a young oy at the age of 5, he walked towards unknown places and was even welcomed by thieves, assassins, mercenaries, criminals and even those who were treated as trash. It didn't bother them if he was a Fire Nation but when they heard what the Fire Lord did to his son they accepted him.

5 years passed as he was trained by those people and became an expert assassin, created a secretive spy network and became a good tracker. He bid farewell to his true family and left only to wined up in the desert and luckily found Won Shi Tong's library.

The temple had only half of it covered with one of the windows still possible for entry. He entered the temple and was welcomed by Won Shi Tong himself who gave him free access as long as he gave something valuable, Shen did so and gave a scroll which he got in one of his jobs.

Shen started reading books but one book caught his interest, a book containing records of the secret Lightning Bending. He knew that special fire benders were the only one who could use lightning but not bending it.

He studied to book determined to gain knowledge and studied both lightning bending and books about the 4 elements. Those books gave him knowledge about bending that others lacked, he combined some bending styles to perform attacks.

He continued to practice and master lightning bending but one problem reached him as he was unable to continuously separate his yin and yang. He began to look for books in search for an answer for this problem. It didn't take long for him to discover a book containing a way to every problem but with a sacrifice

He found a book about a forbidden demon contract that gave anyone unlimited power. Shen didn't even gave a second thought as he performed the seal and summoned a demon. He made the contract and promised him 6 special souls.

After that he left the Library and started traveling the world, he began to recruit worthy and talented benders and fighters and created the "9 Circles of Hell". Rumors about the mysterious group spread to the world and one rumor tells that one of its member destroyed the citizens of an island leaving no one alive.


A carefree young man who seeks only wild adventures or anything that the wind blows him to. He seeks no desire for revenge to his father, since he had already lost an interest in even considering him as his father. The only family he considered as one was his mother Ursa, who even if he didn't live long for him to have much of a mother and son relationship, considered her to be his mother.

The only thing that makes him still a Fire Nation is his drive to accomplish what he seeks. His determination to do anything and protect anyone makes his abilities and emotions intact. The only thing that makes it hard for him is losing anyone, which causes him to release his powers and becomes uncontrollable.


Shen Long is a young man with blond hair and red eyes. He has red tattoos on his bodies that signifies his contract with the demon. He wears two rectangular golden earring on both his ears.

His clothing consist of a white sleeveless jacket and a pair of golden armored pants along with some red cloth connected to the waist. His two weapons are placed on both sides of his waist and are connected to him without the need of a belt.

After entering the Fire Nation, he changed his clothes to a kung fu like clothing. Both the pants and the vest are red and both have a triangular pattern with black linings, and the pants are tied with a black silk belt.


Lightning Bending

Thanks to the large amount of chi in his body, Shen can easily control the amount of lightning he uses. The book he studied about the secret art of bending lightning gave him a brief history and knowledge on how bending something as lightning.

One thing showed on how bending lightning was possible was if the person lacked the art of bending one of the 4 elements but carries a vast amount of chi. Difference to the way special Firebenders use lightning which is created by swift hand movements and the ability to control their yin and yang, lightning bending needs someone who's yin and yang are always in battle.

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Shen in Demon Form using Lightning Bending

With each clash of the two energies lightning can manifest in any form instead one of lightning bolt. Shen meanwhile passed the test of being one who lacked the ability of bending but carried a large amount of chi but had a hard time in performing the second part.

After Gaining demonic power, the demonic energy collided with the yin and yang making him fully control his yin and yang being able to separate them in a second and without any movements. Not only can he use lightning as an attack but fully manifest himself in lightning enhancing his speed, strength and power.

Like normal lightning he can use some items to use as a catalyst for his bending, metal or even water is a useless thing. His powers reaches its strongest at times of a powerful storm as lightning manifest in the clouds and he can easily release thanks to the rain.

Demonic Power

When he made the deal, Shen gained demonic power but was still limited as the souls of those 6 people weren't given.

Shen demon 1

Shen in his Demon Form

That time he gained the ability to fully control his lightning bending but couldn't use his demonic power for his own attacks

But then after those 6 died, he gained the ability to manifest his demon powers and create weapons out of them. He gained two special skills when he continued his training, one was the ability to combine his demonic power to his release lightning and create black lightning and the other one was to fully envelope himself in his dark magic and transform into a demonic being.

Master Swordsmanship

He has demonstrated the ability to perform tremendously powerful and precise strikes, capable of cutting through very sturdy targets even creating a whole in the Walls of Ba Sing Se. His skills in performing fast attack are incredible that even the naked eye couldn't see how fast he sheets and unsheets his blade.

Thanks to also his bending and also demonic power, he can perform some bending with his attacks. Infusing himself in lightning to increase his speed, add demonic power to his sword to perform dangerous slashes.

His senses also increases his swordsmanship as he can decimate an element that is sent to him or even before they could perform one.



a gift from one of his masters, the sword was made by one great blacksmith. The sword has some history seeing as it was passed from one of the greatest assassins to another, the blade is made of dragon scales. The sword has a very sharp blade that could cut steel like butter and also carries a special ability of being a lightweight sword

The sword has a black shaft and is placed on Shen's left waist.


a sword he created with the knowledge of swords and sword making. He added seals at the back of the blade making it easy for him to use his demonic powers with the blade. One of his skills is to perform thousands of lightning fast slashes.

The sword has a white shaft and is placed on Shen's right waist.




"You choose to join Ozai even after what he's done!"-Shen to Zuko in "Roads of Destiny"


"Father? I don't have a father. I just hate you"-Shen to Azula in "Human vs Machine"


"You're still the funny uncle I love"-Shen to Iroh in "Jasmine Dragon"


"No one said that she died, just banished"-Shen to Zuko in "Memories of Mother"


"Thanks for banishing me old man, because of that I became powerful"-Shen to Ozai in "The Inner Rage"

Love Interest:


"Somethings are considered beautiful because they area unattainable"-Shen referring to Rina in "Tales of Blades"



"The Avatar? I don't really care if he lives or die"-Shen referring about Aang in "The Assassin and the Serpent"


"He is a good strategist but his sense of humor is not much"

"Hey what does that mean?!"

"Can't you understand a simple sentence"-Shen and Sokka arguing in "Walls of Ba Sing Se"


"Can you please stop!"

"It's not my fault that you got injured"

"And it's not my fault that Aang was going crazy"-Shen talking to Katara while being healed in "Deserter"


"I don't understand why can't you just tell him you love him"

"I'm not like you who just can tell his feelings"-Shen and Mai talking about her feelings in "Human vs Machine"

Ty Lee

"Sokka and Ty Lee?! Man that guys a playboy"-Shen talking about Ty Lee in "Humans vs Machine"


  • He tends to start conversations with his enemies before fighting
  • He is known to some for his weird fighting style as he randomly attacks using lightning, weapons, summons and punches making it hard for anyone to predict his next move
  • Some people has seen him to be very Charismatic person which he sometimes denies
  • The sign of him getting serious in battles is when he flips his hair back making it spiky

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