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October 22nd 2015 - present




The Legend of Korra

This project is in the earliest stages of development - don't expect anything right away. I've had the prologue written for months, so I'll release it now to give you a taste of what's to come.


Following the untimely death of Avatar Korra and tensions brewing quickly over the suspicious leadership of Republic City's newest President - the four nations face their greatest challenge yet in an era where one's personal freedom is prioritized over tradition. In the United Republic, everyone is allowed the freedom to live as they please within the confines of the law - even if that person happens to be the Avatar.

Shen Li - the current incarnation of Avatar, has no desire to fulfill the role assigned to him at birth - and new legislation enacted by the charismatic new President of the United Republic has put a brick wall between the White Lotus and the Avatar. With these rapidly changing circumstances, the four nations are forced to adapt to a world without the Avatar, while the White Lotus and the remaining allies of Korra remain well aware of the problems that will ensue because of this, both with the spirits and mankind.


Main Characters

  • Shen Li - more commonly known as "Shen", is an earthbender and the Avatar immediately succeeding Korra. Born in Republic City as an orphan, Shen treats his identity as the Avatar with complete apathy. While not the first Avatar with no desire to master all four elements and fulfill his Avatar duties, within the modern era and legislation within the United Republic that gives everyone the right to personal freedom without exception, he is the first Avatar to be given a choice, much to the dismay of the White Lotus and all who knew and loved Korra.
  • Mako - the current Chief of Police in Republic City and one of the remaining members of Team Avatar. Before Korra's death, he was entrusted with the task of teaching firebending to the next Avatar, however, he was never given the opportunity. Because of their similar upbringings - Mako sees some of his past self in Shen, which frequently puts the two at odds with each other on numerous occasions.
  • Jinora - an airbending master and the leader of the Air Nation. Possessing a powerful connection to the spirits and the Spirit World, she is fully aware of the impending danger without the Avatar and has taken it upon herself to fill the role of maintaining relations between humans and spirits in lieu of the Avatar. She frequently travels back and fourth between the two worlds. However, Jinora frequently comes to head with her limitations in this task, especially when Koh takes the opportunity to add new faces to his collection by hunting in the physical world.
  • Asami Sato - the Chief Executive Officer of Future Industries and Vice President of the United Republic. While once a warm and caring person, Korra's death has changed her, turning her into a cold, cynical, but effective politician. It is through her that Satoru has managed to keep the United Republic afloat despite his overly optimistic and sometimes impractical ideas, causing many to view her as Republic City's true commander-in-chief.

Minor Characters

  • Satoru - the charismatic President of Republic City and a staunch libertarian. Satoru became highly popular among his people for his charisma and advocacy for the personal freedoms of his citizens, believing that the United Republic should be a nation that allows each and every citizen to pave their own path, while giving them the tools necessary to do so. However, many view his ideas as overly optimistic, and the legislation that has been enacted during his presidency has arguably caused more harm than good. Satoru isn't the greatest politician and is seen as incompetent by many people, as he frequently leaves most of his responsibilities to the more practical Asami Sato.
  • Koh the Face Stealer - an incredibly vicious and malevolent spirit that frequently partakes in the killing of humans in order to steal their faces and claim them as his own. During the time of Avatar Kuruk, Koh took advantage of the Avatar's lax nature and stole several faces, one of which belonging to Kuruk's lover. While relatively inactive since that time, Koh has become a threat to humanity once more when an even greater opportunity to expand his collection presents itself with the new Avatar's inactivity, which exceeds even that of Kuruk's, and the opening of the Spirit Portals, which he is now using to physically enter the mortal world and make it his hunting ground.
  • Iroh - a former general of the Fire Nation and uncle to the now deceased Lord Zuko. While long dead, his soul made its new home in the Spirit World, and he's been living there ever since. Sometime after Korra opened the spirit portals and humans started visiting the Spirit World, Iroh was reunited with his nephew, who also chose to ascend to the Spirit World, and the two opened their own tea shop together, which is frequented by humans and spirits alike.
  • Zuko - one of the members of the original Team Avatar, best friend to Avatar Aang and formerly the Fire Lord of the Fire Nation. After his death, Zuko ascended to the Spirit World to be with his uncle, and the two now operate a tea shop together, just as they did over 100 years prior in Ba Sing Se.
  • Bolin - one of the remaining members of Team Avatar and a master earthbender. He is married to Opal, an airbender, and lives in Zaofu with their family and pet fire ferret Pabu.


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