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Light Brown

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Knives, Arrows, Sai, Darts, Poison, Small Explosives,

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Weapons Master


Iluna Rebels, Ohk


The Angkara Family

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Iluna Rebels

First appearance

The House of Angkara

Shen is the protagonist of The House of Angkara. While she knows not who her parents are or where she came from, she is certain that her destiny is to bring down the oppressive Angkara family. She joins the Iluna Rebels, an all-orphan team dedicated to liberating their city of Kisah.


Shen is kind in person, but she will not hesitate to kill to defend her friends and to liberate her city. She is resourceful, and her ability to take swift action makes her a natural leader.


In 94 BG, the newborn Shen was abandoned on the steps of a local monastery in Kisah. For fifteen years, she was raised by monk named Ohk.

Fifteen years later, she started to suspect that Ohk was confining her in the monastery to hide her from what was outside. Rebelliously, she decided to run off and see for herself what happened outside the monastery's walls. She quickly came across a public gathering where Zhang began to announce a new decree but was cut off when Hu Li fired an arrow at him with a crossbow, failing to kill him. Shen then witnessed a battle between the Angkara Sentries and Komin, Amber, and Tenang in which Komin's sister, Sakura, was captured. After the fight scene, Shen secretly followed Komin, Tenang, and Amber back to their hideout on the beach and snuck in after them, accidentally falling into the middle of their conversation and revealing herself.

She was immediately attacked and questioned harshly, and it wasn't until she brought up Ohk, whom Hu Li knows, that they started to believe her. The group revealed itself to be the Iluna Rebels and, as a test, invited her to join them on their mission to save Sakura. On the way, they passed by Tark, where Shen received a specially-made cloak equipped with all sorts of weapons. From there, she followed the others to the Angkaras' Palace where they learned that Sakura had been executed.

Shen snuck out of the Monastery once again when Ohk was sick to help the Rebels rob Tax-collector Pajak's house, and it was revealed that she may have romantic feelings for Hu Li.


  • The name "Shen" comes from the Chinese word for "mystery"
  • The image of Shen is courtesy of Firebender896

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