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Important note up front: this chapter contains smut, if you're not comfortable with that, stop reading here.

The Town

"Oh, fuck that's good," Korra breathed. She grabbed on to the mass of black hair between her legs, pressing her down a little harder. That tongue of hers was so damn talented.

-"Hmm, Captain, who knew that you'd taste so good?"

Korra looked down and was met with a pair of twinkling green eyes. "You just keep doing what you were doing," she breathed, because she was close.

She did, and the captain could feel her tongue running circles around her clit, eager lips sucking on it. At this rate, it wouldn't be long before she'd climax.

At least, she thought it'd be that easy. The door swung open, and a surprised voice came from it. "Captain, I... What the fuck?!"

Earlier that day...

"Are you sure about this?" Asami asked, not entirely convinced that this was a good idea.

-"Sato, I'm sorry, but I can't go with you again. There's too much to prepare for, and I still have to oversee fixing the new gaff on the brig sail, which means I don't have time to take you shopping."

The heiress scoffed. "Captain, I have been trapped on this ship for four weeks straight now. Is it too much to ask that I want to set foot on dry land for three goddamn minutes?"

Hearing Asami swear made Korra smile. One can only be around pirates for so long without picking up a few of their bad habits, and swearing was the easiest one. Though in fairness, she was starting to get adjusted to their drinking as well. "No, of course it isn't. It's just that I can't go with you, and you remember what happened the last time I left you alone in Omashu for three minutes."

Asami sighed, because that was true. "But that's exactly why I'm asking you to come with me."

-"Just go ask Mako and Bolin. They're going ashore for a few errands, I'm sure you can convince them to take you with them."

"But I don't..." She hesitated. Should she really say this?

Korra raised an eyebrow. "You don't trust them? Sato, they may be pirates, but both of them command tremendous respect from me and my men. I would trust them with my life, and so should you. Besides, half of them wouldn't even be interested in you."

"They what now?"

This just made the captain smile more. "This ship is filled with outcasts. Did you really think you and I are the only ones in our particular category?" Asami didn't answer, because she didn't know what to say to that. Sodomy between women was generally frowned upon, but between men was far worse all over the world. Small wonder one of them would seek refuge on a pirate ship. "Just go ask them, Sato. As long as you don't drag them around for too long, you'll be fine."

Korra turned back to the charts she was studying, and Asami realized that meant this conversation was over. She went back to the deck, where it was busy as usual. Some of the men had gone ashore, but there was also loading and unloading going on, men preparing the ship for either a long journey or a heavy battle. She looked over to the Rhino, which was anchored fairly close. It looked like the same thing was going on there.

The shoreline was so close. She could probably even swim that distance, even though she wasn't planning on trying. Asami was not one to get seasick quickly, but after so long of being on nothing but a ship that even in the calmest of seas rocked back and forth a little bit, she really wanted to feel solid ground beneath her feet again.

On the far side, she saw Bolin and Mako preparing a longboat for launch. "Guys!" she called out, and they both looked up.

-"What's going on, Sato?" Mako asked when she was a little closer.

"Well, I kind of wanted to ask you if I could go ashore with you. Captain's busy, and I really want to get off this tub."

The brothers both chuckled. "Don't let her hear you say it like that," Bolin remarked. "But sure, you can come. Three minutes, then we're ready."

Asami decided to use the time by quickly fetching her small purse of coins (Korra had insisted that she was a part of the crew for he time being and given her half a share as well) and her hat, making it at least look like she'd fit in.

Just as she wanted to go out again, Korra appeared in the doorway. "Did they agree?"

"They did, and were about to launch, actually, so I better get going."

-"Hold on just a second," she said, walking back into her cabin, over to the weapon closet.

The heiress wasn't convinced. "Umm, Captain, do we have time for this? Plus, remember what happened the last time you gave me a pistol?"

-"Of course I do, which is why you aren't getting a pistol again." She turned around, this time holding a brown leather belt with a sheathed dagger on it. "This is much easier to use. Come here."

A little reluctantly, Asami let her clasp the broad belt low around her waist, with the brass buckle in the middle. It actually looked pretty good. "Alright, now I really have to go," she said. "But thanks."

-"I'll walk you out, I actually have something to ask Bolin." When they got outside again, Korra soon pulled him aside, and just before Asami went over the railing and into the longboat, she saw how the captain whispered a few things into his ear. He was clearly surprised by it but did agree after she gave him an enticing look.

The bosun soon climbed into the longboat as well and took an awe, just like his brother. "What was that about?" Asami asked, quite curious.

-"Oh, she just wanted me to do her a small favor."

-"Relax, it's no biggie," Korra called down from the railing with a big smile on her face. "And Sato, remember: if it all goes to hell again, stab 'em with the pointy end."

"Yeah, thanks," Asami replied. Not something she really wanted to be reminded of.

The journey over to the shore was quick enough, and stepping back onto dry land was weird at first. She'd become so used to the floor rocking a little bit that her head started spinning when the ground suddenly stopped moving. "Whoa."

-"Still gets me everytime," Bolin chuckled. "Don't worry, it's not something you'll ever get used to."

"Hardly comforting," the heiress remarked while leaning against a post. Very kindly, the brothers gave her a minute to get her equilibrium going again, and it soon felt great to be back on dry land.

Mako was the first one to speak up. "Alright, couple of things to do here, and I think it's best if we split up. Bo, I'm guessing you want the whorehouse."

-"Well, since you're offering..."

They both chuckled, and Asami suddenly felt a little worried. She'd been pretty unomfortable there last time around and got confronted by Korra about her 'preferences' directly after stepping inside. (In fairness, Mako and Bolin were less likely to notice by virtue of being men, but still.) "Sato, which would you rather do: messenger post or whorehouse?"

"Definitely messenger post," she said without hesitation.

-"Your call," Mako shrugged. "Bo, we'll pick you up there when we're done for the supplies. Let's go." They went their seperate ways, and Asami noticed that walking around Omashu with Mako wasn't quite the same as with Korra. Still, he was big and broad and they were both armed, so no one would dare to do something. On the other hand, everyone here was armed, so that advantage was gone.

They reached the messenger hawk post without any trouble though, and Mako went for it. "Any messages for the Aurora?"

-"Yes, a couple," the man behind the desk said while eyeing them both up. "Wait a minute..." he mumbled, looking at the heiress. "Are you Asami Sato?"

She suddenly felt a little nervous. "I am, why?" From the corner of her eye, she could see Mako's hand inconspicuously resting on the handle of his own dagger.

-"Because there's a message for you among them. I thought it was strange, seeing such a high-profile name on them, but that explains." He turned to the rack behind him, pulled out a stack of letters, and handed a rolled up one to Asami. "This came in just yesterday, so you haven't missed anything."

She smiled. "Thank you."

Mako placed two gold pieces on the counter. "Yes, thank you."

When she took a close look, she recognized her father's seal in the wax rolling the paper up, so it was definitely from him.

"It's from my father," she said in amazement.

-"Well, go on then, read it," Mako egged her on, almost just as curious as she was.

With shaking hands, she broke the seal and unrolled the letter.

Dear Asami,

Please let your captors know that I have found the slave they asked for and the money they asked me to bring. I am currently on my way to the port of Omashu on a merchant ship with everything. I am sorry that I couldn't send a message to you sooner, but the captain told me to wait because we weren't within the range of a messenger hawk. He also told me that we are about three weeks sailing from Omashu, so it won't be too long now. I hope that you are well and that they treat you fairly, and that you can hold on for these last few weeks.

Love, Hiroshi.

It was finally tangible. Her father was coming, and she was going to go home again. It made Asami go entirely lightheaded, and she staggered over to a nearby box to sit down on.

-"You okay there, Asami?" Mako asked.

"Yeah..." she muttered after a while. "He's finally coming. We got to get back to the ship and tell Korra."

He didn't seem convinced. "Wait, how long does he say?"

"Three weeks sailing."

-"Then we have absolutely no rush, we still have to get some supplies. Don't worry about telling the captain just yet, it'll still be news tonight." He held out his hand and pulled Asami back to her feet. "Come on. We have to get Bolin first, then we can do the rest."

Asami raised an eyebrow. "I thought he went to the whores? Is he really that fast?"

Mako chuckled. "No, he's not, but his visits there are of a more... personal nature. You'll catch on. Let's go."

Soon enough, they came up to what Asami recognized as Kya's brothel, and much to her chagrin, they had to go inside. She was kind of expecting them to have to go around knocking on the doors in the hope to find Bolin, but it was much easier than that. As it turned out, he was simply sitting in a corner with one of the girls on his lap, while he was caressing her and exchanging sweet little kisses. Were it not for their surroundings, Asami might have found it endearing.

Mako, however, didn't seem to have time for this. He paced over to his brother and abruptly cut him off. "Let's go, loverboy," he said. "Asami and I got the mail, now we just have to go get supplies."

Bolin groaned. "Fine... Just give me a minute, okay?"

-"Make it quick."

Asami followed Mako, Bolin, and much to her surprise, the whore out onto the streets, who, on closer inspection, was probably a few years younger than she was. Definitely cute, with her short hair, big green eyes and small build, but her profession was unmistakable, given how low her cleavage was going, her shoulders were exposed by her dress, which was only being held up by her corset, and most scandalous of all, the fact that the front of her dress was raised high enough to expose her bare thighs over her garters. If she was in the Fire Nation, she'd probably be arrested for indecent exposure.

She and Bolin walked a few paces away, while Mako and Asami hung back. "Say, what is the deal between them? They seem so...clingy."

The first mate rolled his eyes. "Bolin is probably not the only sailor here stupid enough to fall in love with a whore. However, he is the only one stupid enough to actually follow it through. So they are in a 'relationship'," he said, making air quotations, "but she is still whoring herself out in order to make some money because Bolin is out at sea with us most of the time. But they claim it's true love," Mako said, looking ready to throw up as he concluded his story.

Actually, the heiress found it a little sweet. Naïve, sure, but the way they looked right now, they still had an air of innocence about them. Soon though, they split, and again, the whore surprised Asami, because she walked away from the brothel rather than inside. "Where is she going?"

-"Errand," Bolin shrugged. "Speaking of which, any mail for me?"

-"Nope," Mako answered. "And we should get going if we want to collect all the supplies and make it back to the Aurora in time."

This actually went down fairly smoothly. The brothers knew exactly what they needed and where to buy everything, leaving them with enough time to do some shopping for Asami. She kind of wanted to buy a replacement for her burgundy waistcoat, as it was getting kind of rancid. In the end, they came across a leather shop, and she bought herself a leather corset that went under her breasts, but straps that went over her shoulders. It looked good on her and would probably be much easier to wash grime off when it would get on. There wasn't really an 'if' to that one.

After a few hours though, Mako and Bolin decided to get a quick drink in one of the taverns, where Asami actually joined them for a small ale.

Since they had spent the past few months in quite close quarters, Asami had learnt to appreciate the brothers. They were nice and polite enough that having a normal conversation with them was possible. Of course, she did mention to Bolin as well that her father had finally written to them, but what she didn't know was how she would approach him after everything Korra had shown her. She decided to keep this concern to herself for now, but it was definitely something to think about.

Soon though, it was time to go back to the ship, because dinner would soon be starting. Asami had smoothed things over with Bato for the night, because most men wouldn't eat on the ship anyway, so there was no guilt there. She'd still be there to help him clean up, which was for the best.

Strangely enough, she wasn't dreading to get back aboard the Aurora. It had sort of become her home over the past few months. She knew what the structure was like, the weak spots, the best spots to relax, where the good shade was, all that stuff. Even so, she had picked up quite a tan over the past few months, in spite of Korra's clothing tips with hats and full sleeves. That would take a while to get rid of again.

When Asami stepped back onto the deck, she offered to help Mako and Bolin haul the longboat back on board, but they waved her off. "We got this," Mako said. "You go find Korra and inform her of the letter."

"Right, thanks for the ride." She did as he said and decided to start her search in the Captain's cabin, which was the most likely place for Korra to be.

But when she swung the door open, the heiress got the shock of her life. "Captain, I... What the fuck?!"

Laying before her on her cot, was the captain, stark naked, with a woman between her legs, currently pleasuring her, even though she pulled away when she heard Asami.

Korra groaned as she let her head fall back on the pillow. "Christ, Sato, never heard of knocking?"

"I've been living in here for the past two months! Who the fuck is that?!"

The captain sighed. "Asami, Opal, Opal, Asami." Opal rolled over, caring even less about her full nudity than Korra did. "Hey," she waved.

It took the heiress a moment to realize it, but Opal was the whore Bolin had been talking to earlier. That's when the penny dropped. "Since when are you fucking whores? I thought you were busy! And where is your modesty?!" she yelled, turning around again so she wouldn't have to face the two naked (and absolutely gorgeous) women.

-"I was busy," Korra defended herself. "Spent all day hard at work and figured I deserved a little something for my efforts. Besides, you know I have no modesty and I'm paying her to be naked," she remarked, gesturing to Opal. "Now, we were kind of in the middle of something, so either join in or get out."

Asami could hardly believe the shamelessness of the captain's words. If there was anything Korra knew, it was how to get her riled up. With a sigh, she left, because the cabin suddenly felt far too small. Her head was swimming with emotions right now, and most worrying of all, not all of them were bad.

Korra smiled as she watched the heiress stomp out of her cabin, slamming the door shut behind her. An unwelcome interruption, and definitely at a time when she didn't need something like that.

-"What's her problem?" Opal asked as she watched her leave as well.

The captain shrugged. "She's a little tense, that's all." Understatement of the century, really, but it was the best she could come up with without being flat-out mean.

The whore chuckled. "Does she need to have her pussy eaten out as well?"

"Needs to? Absolutely. Wants to? Probably not," Korra laughed. "Don't think you're gonna have much business with her."

Opal crawled her way back up the captain's body, tracing circles around her nipple and pressing a quick kiss on her lips. "Well, in that case... Shall I just continue here?"

"Aye, good idea." Korra really tried not to think too much about it and just enjoy the moment, but something was stopping her. Here she was, a naked girl, cute as a button, between her legs, and yet her mind was outside. Asami hadn't just looked angry, she was also hurt, and if her people skills were any good, Korra thought there may have even been a hint of jealousy in there.

She gasped at the sensation of Opal slipping a couple of fingers inside her, but it was a physical reaction, not an emotional one. Korra couldn't help but wonder if it would feel better if it were Asami's long, slender fingers instead of Opal's shorter ones. Asami's lips instead of Opal's. Asami's silky smooth skin against her own. Asami, Asami, Asami.

With a loud groan, Korra sat up and swung her legs over the side of the bed, ripping herself free from Opal. "Korra? Are you okay?"

"Get out," she bluntly said.

-"Captain?" Opal actually looked a little hurt by this.

"I'm sorry," Korra quickly apologized as she realized her mistake. "We can't do this now. You just get dressed again. Money is on the table."

The whore visibly hesitated, and she lingered on the bed. "What's going on with you?"

This wasn't working. Opal clearly wasn't in a rush to get out, so Korra decided to do it herself. "Nothing that concerns you." Not feeling like taking her time dressing, she quickly slipped into a loose tunic she had laying around, a pair of pants, and her boots. "Take your time with Bolin, he's back on the ship."

She walked back onto the deck, blinking from the bright sunlight. Her first thought was looking around until she found Asami, but when she did, she immediately turned away again. The heiress was standing on the forecastle, staring out over the bay. Deciding it would be best to let the emotions die down for a bit, Korra took it upon herself to climb into the rigging and check the fixes of the new gaff.

It was the biggest lie of them all, of course. She just needed something to keep herself occupied with until Asami was ready to talk.

Asami's head was reeling with conflicting thoughts. Walking in on Korra like that was unexpected to say the least but not entirely unsurprising. She knew the captain was sharing her bed with whores, the stories told by the crew had made that abundantly clear. Still not something she needed to see for herself though.

It also brought up questions about Bolin. It was fairly obvious Korra had asked him to send Opal over, but why? Was it to rub his nose in it? Sharing is caring? Bolin may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but even he would be smart enough to figure out that Korra wouldn't send for a whore to come out onto the ship to play a really exciting game of Pai Sho.

Of course, most of these musings were to drown out the most obvious one: the fact that very deep down, she was attracted to Korra. And while Asami had seen her in the nude before at the springs, she'd never quite seen her like this. Laid back, hair tousled, powerful muscles rippling under dark skin covered in a thin sheen of sweat... If Asami could think of any sight more appealing than that, she'd have to get quite creative.

But even admitting that to just herself was practically unthinkable, let alone admit it to anyone else, especially Korra herself. Besides, when she would inevitably ask Asami about it, there were still plenty of other reasons to be angry about this.

Still, it was probably best to get this out of the way sooner rather than later. They were still in the harbor, meaning that most of the crew wasn't on board and they'd have some relative privacy to discuss such a delicate matter, even if Korra didn't seem to care all that much. She was more annoyed than embarrassed, if Asami's estimate was anything to go by.

With a sigh, Asami got up and headed for the quarterdeck, where she'd seen Korra climb up the mast to inspect the new gaff. When she got there, Korra was still way up in the rigging. "Captain!" she called up.

-"What is it?"

"Get down here, we need to talk." Asami threw her a pointed look, and she could hear Korra sigh from all the way down here. Albeit reluctantly, the captain did start making her way down to the deck.

-"So what's on your mind?" Korra asked once she was back down.

"What do you think? You were screwing a whore in our shared cabin, a whore who one of your most trusted crewmember cares a lot for."

The captain smiled. "On that last part, Bolin knows. Hell, he was the one who sent her over here. Conditions over in the brothel are... risky, to say the least. He'd rather have her be with me, someone he knows is trustworthy, won't hurt her, and will pay properly, rather than have her take her chances with whomever decides to come by. Everybody wins. Besides, they aren't exactly 'exclusive', as they say," Korra remarked, making airquotations as she said that. "You may have noticed him spending a considerable amount of time in the fuck-tent when the Aurora was tipped."

Asami had to think on that for a minute, because the captain did have a point there. There were few jobs for women that were riskier than being a whore, even in a brothel with a good name. And while Korra may not hesitate to kill someone who crossed her, she also wouldn't hurt an innocent bystander if it could be avoided at all. There probably was some merit to her notion of Opal being safer with her than she was with any other client. "Still, that doesn't excuse you... having sex with someone in the cabin we share."

Korra sighed. "Alright, that one is on me. I thought I had more time before you came back. By the way, new clothes look good on you."

"You're not going to get out of this one with a cheap compliment."

-"I mean it, the look suits you. Look, I'd say I'm sorry for what I did, but I'm not. I'm only sorry I got caught. And hell, most of that is because I didn't get to finish."

"Thank you, I don't need to know the details," Asami said in annoyance, holding up her hand to emphasize her words. It still amazed her just how casual Korra was being about this whole thing.

-"You know, I think you're not just angry," Korra said with a hint of a smile on her face.

"Oh really?" Asami threw back, raising an unconvinced eyebrow. "What makes you say that?"

Korra's smile grew. "Well, I'm fairly certain you're also jealous, but that also makes me wonder of whom. Are you jealous of me, for caring so little after being caught while having sex with a woman, or are you jealous of Opal, for getting with me?"

Once again, the heiress was amazed at just how accurately Korra was able to read her. In fact, it only made it more amazing that no one else had figured her out before now. "You flatter yourself," Asami sneered, trying to cover up her earlier thoughts.

The captain's smile just kept on growing and getting more confident. "That's not an answer, it's a deflection."

"Well, the answer is neither," the heiress lied, because she knew damn well it was actually both. Of course, she'd never hear the end of it if she'd actually admit that, so this was a perfect example of a white lie.

Asami thought about it for a while and decided it was probably best to let the issue rest here. They weren't going to get anywhere, and in truth, it wasn't that bad now that Korra had explained the situation with Opal. The heiress was about to tell her about the letter from her father, but before she could speak up, something else happened.

-"Captain!" A loud voice broke the fragile silence between them. Asami knew it was Lao, one of their sailors, and he seemed out of breath.

Korra let her head hang as she sighed. "This better be important, Mr. Lao."

-"It is, Captain. I came as quick as I could."

This seemed to catch Korra's curiosity. "Well, what is it?"

-"It's the Equalist. She's coming."

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