The Showdown
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May 12th, 2017

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The Showdown

When Korra came back on deck, the chaos showed no sign of slowing down. Her men were still busy repelling the boarders, even if the influx looked to be coming to a halt.

Trying not to waste any more time, she grabbed a rope herself and swung over to the Equalist, making a surprisingly graceful landing. What was even more surprising was that the chaos seemed to be less here than aboard her own ship, but that was only because her own crew and the crew of the Rhino had the upper hand.

She quickly spied around and spotted Amon on the quarterdeck, winning a duel with someone Korra recognized but didn't know by name, probably someone from the Rhino. Much to her dismay, Korra saw Amon slice his sword across his opponent's chest.

At first, she decided to forego her ego and took aim with a pistol, but it didn't work. He was moving around and she was far away, so when she pulled the trigger, it wasn't really a big surprise that she missed.

That wasn't gonna work, so instead, it had to be the old-fashioned way. As quickly as she could, Korra made her way over to the quarterdeck as well, just as Amon finished off his opponent. "Amon!"

He looked up, the mask making his expression unreadable. "Well, well, well. Captain Korra."

"You had her killed!" Of course this was a flat-out lie, and Korra just hoped her acting was convincing enough to trick him.

-"And now I get to finish the job." Without any wasted movement, he leapt forward before Korra had a chance to attack herself. She narrowly managed to block his attack and put her knee in his chest to try and put some distance between them.

This worked but only briefly. Because Korra had the initiative this time around, she was better prepared, knowing that he would probably block her swing, so she could quickly move her sword around and go for a second attack.

But Amon was agile as well. It almost felt like he knew what was coming, like he could feel her movements before they happened. Everywhere her sword went, his was there to block it.

And then he managed to catch her off guard. As Korra just swung, he handily deflected her sword away, but then he kept on turning, and because Korra hadn't managed to raise her sword back up, Amon scored a hit. In his left hand, he had a small knife, something obviously made for concealed carry but plenty long enough to do significant damage. Korra saw that it was coming, so she tried to duck, but he still managed to hit her, cutting right across her eyebrow.

Korra stumbled back a few paces, grimacing from the pain. She could feel the blood seeping down her cheek, which was not good.

Even through the mask, she could swear she saw Amon smile. There was a twinkle in his eyes, a cruel grin, as if he was pleased with the way the fight was going. Then again, Korra could hardly blame him, she'd be pleased as well if it was her in that position.

-"You see, Korra, you can't beat me. I'm always one step ahead."

A slight smile played over her lips. "We'll see about that." With her free hand, she drew her last loaded pistol, determined to make it count. She quickly spied around, taking note of her surroundings. As it turned out, both of their second-in-commands had come to their respective captains' aid, with Mako dueling The Lieutenant at the base of the stairs to the quarterdeck, stopping him from getting up there and stabbing Korra in the back.

Using this minute moment of distraction, Amon charged, but Korra was prepared for him. He was set on not giving her enough room to shoot, using the weapons he had in both hands to keep her too busy to take aim.

But she knew how pistols worked. She'd used enough and been on the receiving end enough times to know all about them. So instead of trying to shoot him with it, Korra saw a quick opening and smacked him in the face with the pistol, which only had a limited effect because of the mask. Amon was able to regain himself quickly enough that he was able to hold her pistol off just as Korra was preparing to pull the trigger, but that was the point.

It was right next to his head when it went off, which probably would cause some hearing problem, but more to the point, it had gone off. Now Amon was focusing back on Korra's sword, but there was more than one way to use a pistol. Because of the shot, she knew the barrel would be hot.

She quickly brought it down and pushed it against the back of Amon's hand, the one that was holding the knife, causing him some serious pain. He didn't cry out but did let go of his small knife and backed up a few paces.

Korra smiled as she kicked the knife away. "Looks like we're even again."

This time around, Amon said nothing and just attacked again. His attacks were still focused, precise, no wasted movement. Every time Korra swung, he was there to block it. He definitely had experience on his side, but Korra had youth on hers. She was more prone to dodging, which did work. After another one of his swings, Korra rolled out of the way but kept her sword up, putting a nasty cut on Amon's leg.

Even though it was obvious that he was trying to bite down the pain, it still put him at a significant disadvantage, and Korra knew she could exploit that.

His attacks kept coming, but now she noticed that they were less about technique and more Amon trying to use the advantage he had of simply being bigger than Korra. He had more reach and more mass, even if they were evenly matched on stamina. But Korra kept her eyes open, always watching what he was doing with his sword, when she spotted an opening.

She just deflected another swing, and because of his injured leg, Amon had to compensate his balance with his free arm. This left him open, and Korra drew a knife from the back of her belt and sliced up right over his sword arm, cutting through all the tendons in one go and making him drop his weapon.

She knew she had won, all that was left to do was finish the job. Amon had fallen down on his good knee, and Korra knew that he was too dangerous to be shown mercy. She spun around, slicing his neck open with her knife.

Without a word or even a cry of pain, Amon fell down on the deck of his own ship, the pool of blood under his body growing quickly.

Korra stumbled back to seek balance on the helm, her breathing heavy and labored. It was only now that she realized her muscles burning from the effort it had taken her, but she'd won. She was exhausted from the intense fight with Amon, but now that he was no longer of this world, it was worth it.

She hoped this was enough to end the fight entirely. Most of these men were loyal to Amon, but now that he was dead, there was no point to fight for him anymore. Korra took off his mask, revealing that he was horribly scarred on his face, what looked like burns. It was a miracle he'd survived that.

That just left the issue of how to get everyone's attention. She decided to use the alarm bell of the Equalist, which was only a few steps away. She sounded it as hard as she could and held up the mask. "Amon is dead! Drop your weapons!"

-"Belay that!" the Lieutenant yelled, but in his moment of distraction, Mako and Bolin were both capable of putting the tips of their swords up to his neck.

"Are you really gonna sacrifice all your men in a battle you can't possibly win?" Korra smugly asked, even though there was hardly any point. The crew of the Equalist had already given up.

Finally, the Lieutenant dropped his sword as well, making Korra smile. "Mako, Bolin, secure the crew. Chain this one up. Hakoda!" she yelled over to the Aurora where he still was. "Take care of the wounded. Everyone gets equal treatment. Captain Bahlo," Korra continued. "I trust you can manage things aboard the Rhino for now? We'll sort out the details later, there are more pressing matters."

The former slave nodded. "I agree. Wounded first. Niyok!" he turned to his female first mate and starting issuing her similar orders as Korra did with her own crew.

Korra knew that now was a good moment to go get Asami and talk a few things over, but when she wanted to walk back over to the Aurora, Mako stopped her. "Where are you off to in such a hurry?"

"Sato and I have some unfinished business."

This confused him. "Wait, Sato? I heard you tell Amon she's dead."

Korra grinned. "I lied so that he wouldn't send anyone else. She's alive and still in the hold, so I'm gonna go get her."

Mako chuckled, and the captain decided to leave him to his assigned task.

The smell in the hold was blood mixed with gunpowder, which made sense. Even though the damage to the hull was relatively minimal because the boarding had quickly begun, it was still unmistakable. "Sato?" Korra said out loud, clearly announcing herself.

-"Korra? Oh my God, Korra!" Asami came running out and, before the captain realized it, had flown her around the neck, pulling her into a tight hug. "I thought you'd be dead!"

"I'm not that easy to kill," she smirked.

-"But you're bleeding!" the heiress pointed out, a look of concern growing in her eyes.

Of course, Korra dismissed it. "Just a fleshwound."

Asami raised an unconvinced eyebrow. "I'm patching you up, end of discussion."

They went up to the sick bay, where there were a lot of men with cuts and gunshot wounds. Most of them were Korra's men, but there were a few of the Equalist as well, who were getting hateful looks from the crew of the Aurora. Some of them exchanged weird looks with each other as they saw Asami, but no one really dared to comment on it.

Of course, there was no privacy there, which wasn't exactly ideal. "Say, why don't we take that stuff to my cabin? We still have something to discuss."

Asami sighed. "I guess we do." They took their supplies to Korra's cabin, who ignored Asami's instruction to sit down and instead went to her desk to take out a bottle of rum. "Oh for crying out loud."

"What?" Korra smiled while taking a sip. "We won, a little bit of celebration is in order."

The heiress rolled her eyes and took the bottle, doused a rag in rum and started cleaning Korra's wound with it. A tense silence fell while she was binding it, making sure it would actually heal, but Korra knew a wound like that would probably scar. "We have to talk about what happened in the hold," she said when Asami finally stepped back to examine her work.

-"Do we really?" Asami groaned, her cheeks already turning a little pink.

"Yes, we do. Sato, you kissed me, so I think I can ask why."

Again, Asami sighed. "I guess... I think I just wanted to know what it's like. Kissing you, I mean."

Korra raised an eyebrow. "'Me' as in 'a woman' or as in..."

-"No, as in 'you'."

In all honesty, Korra didn't really know what to do with that. It was incredibly tempting to give in and take her, right here, right now, but she couldn't do that. It would only make things way more complicated. "Asami..." she weakly started. "I know what it feels like, but you know we can't. You have two weeks left here, and if we get involved, saying goodbye will only be so much harder."

-"I know," the heiress sighed. "But if it feels right to you as well, why not enjoy it? Since when do you care about consequences?"

"Because in this case, the consequences would hurt you." Korra took Asami's soft hand in her own. "At first, you were just a prissy daddy's girl to me, but you have proven me so wrong on that. You mean more to me than anyone has in a long time, and I don't want to make ending that harder than it's already going to be. I can't offer you a future, or even a guarantee that you'll live to see tomorrow. And I've seen you. You've read your father's note a thousand times, and it's not that complicated. You want to go home again."

-"It's true," Asami softly admitted. "I do miss him. He's the only family I have left, and even though he is misguided with his business, I know that he is a good person. It's hard to explain, but I don't believe he is evil all the way through. And I want to see him again and go home. And not because of the luxuries, I could forego those, I mean because it's home."

Korra nodded understandingly. "I get it. And that is exactly why we cannot become an item."

The heiress chuckled as she dropped into a chair. "I guess it was doomed from the start."

It fell silent again, but it was a lot less tense this time around. They said what needed to be said, even if it sucked. Korra looked down to their still linked hands, unwilling to let go and get back to work, almost as if that would make it definitive, though it already was.

-"You know what I've been thinking about?" Asami thought out loud. "Why were those three down there to get me in the first place? They could have waited until after the battle, it would have been a lot easier for them to get me without the risk of anyone interfering."

"I've been thinking the same thing," Korra said. "Amon is dead, so we're not going to get any answers out of him, but his second-in-command is still alive. We can try to get the information out of him."

Asami looked skeptical. "Aren't there a few more pressing matters?"

After a few moments of thought, the captain nodded. "I guess so. Let's get back to work."

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