By Gingalover Part of the Fauna continuity.
Wooly pig
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Earth Kingdom

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Limber Farm



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Mr. Limber, Crow

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Fauna Ch.3

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Fauna Ch.11

Shawn is a smart sheep pig on Limber Farm, and is Spike's accomplice. The cheeky sheep pig always had some respect for Spike, and had no prior interaction until Spike became leader after Crow's banishment.

Fauna Involvement

He wasn't seen nor mentioned.

He wasn't seen nor mentioned.

Although not given by name, Shawn appears with Spike while they were exploring the houses. He explains to Spike about the radio, which he considers is a box where humans hear humans.

Shawn's official appearance is right after Crow was banished. When Spike was asked about the reason behind Crow's banishment, Shawn lies to them, saying that Crow had been giving messages to the humans for a second attack on the farm. He backed up his lie, reminding everyone that Crow hardly left the barn for the past couple of weeks. When the plan for the mill came up, he went on saying that the great leader Spike originally had the idea, and Crow stolen it so the animals would let him stay. After pretty much saving Spike, he was immediately appointed to second-in-command by Spike himself.

Shawn was doing rather well with Spike and became his personal messenger. When the animals notice the pigs living in the human houses, Shawn explained on the original commandment for that was living with humans, not in human houses (again, lying his way out of trouble).

When the group was informed about Mr. Limber's fate, he concluded that it was Crow whom sent Mr. Limber as his accomplice, so Crow wouldn't get caught. His alibi fooled everyone except Spike, whom was with him. As the time went by, Shawn shows up once more helping in a successful trade with an unknown merchant. He finds the animals and explained to them that this trading isn't for personal gain, but for the animals of the farm to survive the upcoming winter. Shawn also added in that, by the word of Spike himself, that the turkey and turtle ducks are to contribute all of their eggs to Spike as a part of future trades.

He was only briefly mentioned by Spike, who told him to inform the pigs to clean up the mess made by the turkey ducks and turtle ducks.

Shawn came in after the accident Henry went through. Oddly, he gives him milk and apples, as instructed by Spike, and tries to motivate him. Unlike before, he told the truth as in he saw the trader call in help and told Henry he will be sent to the hospital.

Shawn gathered everyone for a sorrowful meeting later on when they realized the fate of Henry. He felt terrible, but when Horn revealed he was sent to the slaughter, Shawn denies it, saying their leader would never do that to such a valuable worker. After thinking, he decides to sent a messenger hawk to the hospital to confirm the thought. A few nights later though, he shows up away from the party planned, now able to balance on two legs perfectly. However he was completely drunk, so it wasn't well. He literally changed one of the commandments (or tried to) in front of Tyler and Red's faces, before he fell from the ladder. The next day, he claimed to actually be dying due to the hangover from all his drinking.

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