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This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

"Oh, no - another fan with ideas..."
Avatar: The Last Airbender

Shattered Balance is the collective working title for an overarching fan project comprised of various "movements" as the author likes to call them. It primarily questions and explores the role, responsibilities, and relationship of the Avatar with the world and its inhabitants, and what would happen if certain dynamics change and certain criteria are met or not. Its primary medium is currently undecided.

This page serves as a general overview; ensuing pages may contain spoilers and self-depreciation for this work and others.

Roar of the Earth

"Avatar! This is all your fault!"
—various people

The first main story posits the scenario of an unruly Avatar - not necessarily a tyrant or other abuse of power, but an Avatar who is, in place of a stronger word, a jerk who, although competent and skilled, just hates being the Avatar and dealing with people, especially you. Yes, you. Cognizance of the fourth wall is a special ability of this Avatar, although many of the other characters regard it as lack of mental stability. A primary conflict before everything else is whether or not and how this Avatar will accept the responsibility and the many diverging pathways that must be discerned in order to choose the "right" one. This scenario also explores the relationships between different incarnations of the Avatar.

This movement is intended to be stylized after a video game regardless as to how it is presented.

Errant Flame

"You're going to angst about this, aren't you. That's all you ever do: angst, whine, complain."
—previous Avatar, to the current one

The second story focuses more deeply on the transcending relationship between different Avatar incarnations with the people and is more character-driven as the new Avatar struggles to find a place in the changing world, one in which many people want the current Avatar dead or on their side of an issue alone and many more others liked the previous Avatar better, despite being a jerk. While it can be said to be a sequel, it is more properly a continuation after a significant timeskip. It also explores the scenario of an Avatar who is completely subservient to his or her charges or is, in a word, a pushover.

This movement is intended to be stylized after an animation like the original series.

Break the Cycle

"No, the Avatar does not work that way. He is near-omnipotent, not all-knowing."
—because sometimes you tend to forget

Although Roar of the Earth and Errant Flame have a strong if disjointed connection to each other, this story is of tangential relation at best. It takes place at least 500 years after the end of Errant Flame, although a set date is not given. Technology has advanced considerably and a tyrannical dictatorship has been established by the Earth Kingdom. It explores the scenario of the Avatar having been largely forgotten by the world, at least as it originally existed. The current Avatar must release the world from an iron grip first and foremost, but in order to strike at the problems' roots must also reconcile the corrupted modern world with the ideals and practices of worlds past.

This project is intended to be stylized after a graphic novel regardless as to how it is presented.


The author has taken certain liberties with regard to the source material beyond the general assumptions that can be inferred from the source's subtext, context, and text-text. The most blatant example involves air bison which, while rarely seen, are alive and well despite various claims that there was only one left and so the species should be extinct after its death. Although the author tries to explain or is necessarily vague about any discrepancies between original and canon material, only the following statement was issued on this particularly grating subject: "Air bisons are cool. What's the point of designing these cool creatures if they just die off? There are certain things I know I can't or shouldn't change whether I like them or not and things I know not to ever touch, but this is not one of those things. And just to spite everyone, I'm not going to explain how it happened either. Actually, I will explain it, but it'll be even more vague than usual. And then everyone can make crazy theories about how it all works out."

Release Dates

No release date has as of yet been given aside from "The Future," although the author is gradually developing and posting ideas here for close scrutiny, harsh criticism, canon cross-checking, and moral support. With enough of that last part, the author might get around to producing concepts of and possibly the work itself, and this place will be the first to know about it.

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For the collective works of the author, go here.

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