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The Road that Never Ends





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October 8, 2011

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Yin's Homecoming

Setting: Northwest Earth Kingdom; forests and large villages

Time: 8:30 PM

Heading: None

Yin left on Lin at sundown to "buy" a few things: Breakfast for tomorrow, lots of watermelon for Lin, and a new pipe for Lee. You'll remember how Lee was attacked by three Fire Nation soldiers back in Pohan Village? Well, Lee dropped his pipe back there when he "laughed, and promptly fainted". Now that all of the action had died down, Lee had begun to go through certain withdrawal symptoms.

"You don't need a pipe," Yin had said earlier in the day, Mako knowing better than to talk to Lee when he was like this. "Besides, smoking isn't good for you! You should know that."

"My ass," Lee muttered, sticking his face glumly into a certain Flying Bison's side. "That's just what mom said. But did I listen? No. That's probably why she-"

"Okay!" Yin piped up, not willing to get into Lee's complex personal life. "How about I go get you a pipe?"

Now, Lee was lying down on the grass silently, looking at the stars. Mako had taken one of the blankets from the Bison's saddle before it left, and had just buried himself under it. I wonder what Lee was going to say, he thought, feeling the comfort of a concealed, dark place to replace Lin's cushy saddle. I wonder what mom and dad are doing right now.

Mako imagined the two worrying about their missing children. They searched the Fire Nation through-and-through, but Mako and Lee were nowhere to be found. That's because we're not over there. We're all the way over here...

Lee's eyes were closed, but he was not asleep. He was wondering things along the same lines as Mako, but hoping for a different outcome. I wonder if they've searched the Fire Nation yet, Lee thought, shaking slightly (another symptom of his withdrawal). Or maybe... maybe they're searching here? Lee obviously hadn't yet seen the wanted posters. If they are searching for us here, in the Earth Kingdom, than they'd probably go up the western boarder first. Maybe I can coax Yin into letting us go to one of her Air Temples she talks about all the time. They'd never find us in one of those things.

Why would Lee even keep us on this adventure? Mako thought, still under the blankets. He had begun to see some holes in his brother's plans. If he really wanted us to go home, he would ask Yin to take us there. Why doesn't he? I know the Earth Kingdom doesn't like us, but the Fire Nation has never done anything to the Air People! And Yin is really nice! And she likes us, and she gets us food, and she gives us blankets... Why doesn't Lee trust her enough to tell her who we are?

Does Mako see that he could leave any time he wants? Yin has a... Dammit, it's still hard to say that... A Flying Bison! He's such a slow kid, though. He would never even think of it. It would never cross his mind. Not in a million years... Lee's eyes opened wide. Would he?!

Yin is a lot like mom. She does all the things mom used to do for me. She makes Lee happy, too, even if he won't admit it. I'll bet they have adult-thoughts about each other. Just like mom and dad did. Images of his parents rushed through his mind. Smiles, laughs, and days in the park. Dad would always hold my hand. And mom would sit on the bench. I would jump into the pond with all my clothes on. Mom would get mad. Dad would grin and sometimes even walk in with me...

What's mom doing right now? Lee's eyes darted to each and every star in the sky. I'll bet she's crying on the couch right at this moment. She was always quick to cry. Either way, she's just like dad. No, that's not right. She always went along with what dad did. Mom was probably okay, nice, peaceful before she met dad. Dad...

Then there was the one time a couple years ago when Lee and me were eating breakfast. Dad always had to wake up really early, and would sometimes be gone for weeks and weeks. That day, dad had said he'd taken a month off just to spend time with us! Lee loved dad then. What changed?

How could Mako love that tyrannical, hateful bastard? Oh, wait. That's right. He doesn't know what dad knows. What I know.

How could Lee hate his own father? That doesn't make any sense! What could dad have possibly done to deserve his own son's hate?

Although I guess I don't know anything, Lee thought resentfully. He would never tell me everything about something that was so important. Dad wouldn't trust in me that much. He never trusted me. Maybe mom did, I don't know.

Mako's comfort beneath the blanket was slowly fading. It all started that one night. The fire. Dad told me not to ask who started it. It wasn't me. It had to be mom or dad. Mom or dad. Mom... and dad.

Mako was always the favorite. The youngest child's gift, I suppose. Mom liked him better. But I think dad liked me the most. He expected me to join him. Mako was too young. He's still too young. I actually might have done it if dad hadn't told me about those plans...

I'll bet Lee had something to do with that fire, too. What else would make mom and dad so angry? The fire was ashes before they were through fighting.

That was the night before the fire. We had to make a brand new house after that fiasco. What did dad finally do that set her off? I was surprised it took her so long. That doesn't matter, though. They were lovey-dovey again by the next day.

They stopped loving each other that day. Just that one day. They hated each other. Now they love each other again. Can't Lee forgive the same way?

If dad's searching for us, it's not because they miss me or Mako. It's because of what I know. I can't forgive dad for what he'll have a hand in doing. Whatever it is. It'll kill people, that's for sure. It'll kill so many people. And a war will begin.

Tears welled up in Mako's eyes. Why haven't they found us yet? I miss them...

I'll probably never find out what exactly they were fighting about. But I know one thing. It had something to do with us. Me and Mako. It always has to do with us.

Lin landed loudly on the ground next to Lee. His face did not change. He did not flinch. He didn't even move. Mako heard the noise and wiped his tears quickly on the blanket, which he had been under all this time.

"I got lots of watermelon, but Lin ate most of it. I also got some breakfast for tomorrow and a pipe for-"

Lee scrambled to his feet and climbed onto the Bison's saddle. In Yin's hand was the most royal looking pipe Lee had ever see. "I need a smoke!" He yelled in her face. After swiping it quickly from Yin's hand, Lee jumped off the Bison and ran as far away from their campsite as possible to smoke the rest of the night away.

"Mako?" Yin asked after wiping Lee's spit off of her face. She jumped down and walked over to him, who had just left his blanket. She could tell he had been crying, but did not say anything. "You ready for bed?"

"Yeah," Mako answered. "I am."

Mako decided not to lye under his blanket on top of Lin that night. Instead, he cuddled himself against the Bison's fur and fell gently to sleep.

Yin, seeing that there was no one left around, pulled something out of her pocket. Clenched between her fingers was a piece of paper. She unwrapped it to see Mako and Lee's faces staring straight at her. The poster read:

Have you seen these people? Mako (bottom) has been kidnapped by older brother, Lee (top) for unknown reasons. It is not likely that the child knows yet of his kidnapping. The people searching for them would not say who they were or why they were searching for these people. If necessary, violence should be used on the older brother. DO NOT HARM THE CHILD. Compensation will be rewarded to anyone with any information regarding these fugitives.

"Lee..." Yin whispered, "What's going on?"


  • Foreshadowing...
  • I think this is my second favorite chapter yet, besides Fanon:Together in Death, Part 1.
  • Did anyone else notice how Lee hadn't had a pipe for a while? I did, and used it to make this chapter.

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