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"Shaping Up" is the second chapter in the first book of Building of Republic City.


The final touches are finished on Air Temple Island, and the government of The Republic Nations is formed.


The episode begins with Aang, Katara, and Sokka lowering things off of Appa. Aang and Sokka push most of the new furniture into the main building, as Katara and Toph start creating special things on the island. Katara tells the plans for the training area. Toph nods and creates some of the walls around it. Katara thanks her and points to some of the workers on how to paint the area. Toph then creates the stairway to the lower parts of the island. Toph walks back up and finds Aang. Toph tells him that she has to leave back to the city to finish things. Aang nods and Toph earthbends back.

About two months later the island is finished. Aang wipes off the sweat and he and Katara get on Appa and fly toward the city. When they arrive they go to the city hall. They find Sokka and greet them. Sokka greets them back and tells them that he has a surprise for them. Aang and Katara ask what. Sokka goes to a door and opens it and Suki, and she greets them hello. Aang and Katara surprised welcome her to the city. Suki thanks them and tells them that she is going to be living in Republic City. Aang asks where Suki is going to live. Suki said she is going to live with Sokka in the mansion down the road. Aang and Katara nod.

Aang and Katara then arrive at the Police Headquarters and is welcomed by Toph. Aang asks how her position as chief of police going. Toph says that she likes the job. Toph shows them the statue of her being lowered in. Aang told her, "You're only 14 and you are putting a statue on the building!" Toph nodded. Aang and Katara waved good bye to Toph and got on Appa and left back to the island. When they arrived a servant met them and told them that they have important news. Aang followed the servant until they arrived, Aang gasped on what he couldn't believe he saw.


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  • There was another statue of Toph on the building of her young, but when she died a new statue was placed.

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