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Zhao, The Cult of Sozin


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Former soldier, now right hand man of Zhao

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The First Airbender

Shaoshang is an antagonist in MightyBrit's Child of Destiny.

Before the story

Shaoshang was born to a noble Fire Nation family who lived across from Wuoyan's family. Though like many other firebending children, he was taken from his parents and raised in a camp to believe that the Fire Nation is the best nation on the face of the world. He embraced the mentality of the war, honestly believing that spreading the wealth of Fire Nation culture throughout the world was a noble and worthy goal.

His zeal for the Fire Nation caused Shaoshang to quickly raise through the ranks of the army, eventually gaining command of his own airship during the final year of the War. On a sabbatical, he went to visit his parents and saw a burst of flame from across the street. Shaoshang, correctly believing that the young child Wuoyan had produced the flame, furiously demanded that he be taken immeaditely to the camps to be raised as a soldier like he was. However, Wuoyan's father, Yano, lied and told Shaoshang that he was the firebender and had been hiding from the authorities for years. Shaoshang violently beat the man, then forced him into service aboard his airship.

Soon later, during the final battle of the War, Shaoshang's airship was destoyed by Sokka, Suki and Toph. While Yano perished on board, Shaoshang somehow survived the destruction of his ship.

During the story

Fulfilling his mission

Shaoshang has been tasked to 'fetch the moon' by the leader of The Cult of Sozin. On this mission, he attacked Liang and Wuoyan in Kyoshi Bay, hoping to capture one of them and kill the other, though both of them escaped. However, it was revealed he wanted both of them to escape, so their eventful arrival would delay Sokka and Suki enough for him to be able to stow away onto Sokka's ship. He hid in the hold until they reached the North Pole. Then, he pursued Sokka, Liang and Wuoyan as they went to meet Yue. He attacked Wuoyan in the street, then, after separating Yue from her friends, kidnapped her.

After delivering Yue to Zhao, Shaoshang escaped the ensuing battle by stealing Sokka's ship.

War in the South

Shaoshang soon resurfaced, leading a full-scale attack on the Southern Water Tribe. Shaoshang delibrately stayed in the area for several days before attacking to let the powerless waterbenders panic over their fate as they already knew of his presence, thanks to the black snow. The battle was going in his favor until Sokka and Suki arrived with their students and turned the tide of the battle. Shaoshang personally engaged Wuoyan, forcing the younger man to lose both of his weapons, but receiving a burn on his face in return. After Liang distracted the whole battlefield with his waterbending, Shaoshang was unable to stop the survivors of the Southern Water Tribe from escaping on the skyship Sokka had stolen from the Cult.

After his failure at the South Pole, Zhao told him he was to stay and wait for Azula, rather than take an active role in the murder of Liang. Shaoshang was very displeased at the command, but followed his orders.


Despite his primal appearance, Shaoshang is a deeply cultured man. He is very formal and polite even in acts of war, although he does enjoy taunting his foes, especially Wuoyan. His conviction in the cause of Sozin is his greatest ally as there is nothing he wouldn't do to spread the culture of the Fire Nation. He also enjoys tea.

His zeal for the Fire Nation cause is apparent and absolute. For example, he is shown dropping his polite facade and beating Yano brutally for what Shaoshang saw as treachery in Distortion.


He is a talented firebender, but uses his mouth rather than his fists or feet as a conduit for his bending. He uses this technique so often and so effectively that the fire has burnt and melted his teeth down to razor sharp points similar to shark's teeth.

He also has used his firebending to produce hot air under a sheet and produce an instant parachute, although he inadvertently taught Wuoyan this trick by using it in his presence.


  • Shaoshang is the romanized form of the Chinese word meaning 'to burn'.
  • Shaoshang deliberately shares many traits with Iroh. Both are powerful firebenders (both use the famous breath of fire technique) who are both deeply cultured, but both believe in very different ideals. Iroh believes in the balance of the world and the spirits, while Shaoshang believes in the dominance of the Fire Nation.

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