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By Dudewaldo4 Part of the Kanna's Story continuity.
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Earth Kingdom


6 in Act 3: Ends, 70 in "The Blue Spirit"

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White (formerly brown)

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Mikaere, Huowoun, Qui Tu, Qiang, Chao, Miyuki, Kanna, Aang

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Herbalist of Taku



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Act 3: Ends

Shaocia is the daughter of Huowoun and Qui Tu. She and her family lived in Taku until they were found by the Fire Nation. Aang sought her help when his friends were ill in the episode "The Blue Spirit".


Aang and the herbalist

Shaocia, Aang and Miyuki in the Herbalist Institute

Shaocia was a kind, caring child when she was young. When her parents found Kanna collapsed on the beaches of Taku, they quickly took her in. Shaocia was friendly to Kanna the whole time she was there. When she was nearly killed by Fire Nation soldiers during the Murder at Taku, Huowoun pushed her out of the way. Unfortunately, he pushed her directly into the side of a building. Her skull was fractured slightly, leading Mikaere to believe she was dead. However, she was nursed back to health by Qiang and Chao. From then on, she was slightly insane.

After that, Shaocia devoted her life to making herbal medicines for wounded Earth Kingdom troops. She learned these teachings from the book on Herbalism that the old Herbalist, Kuwabara, wrote. Her only companion is Miyuki, her beloved cat.

In the episode "The Blue Spirit", Sokka and Katara fell ill. Aang learned of an Herbalist that lived at the top of a nearby mountain, and he made plans to travel there to find a cure. Aang raced through the mountainside, using his Airbending abilities to speed his pace. He soon arrives at the Institute. After a frustrating meeting with Shaocia, Aang learns that his friends must suck on the frozen bodies of hibernating frogs, which can be found on the bottoms of riverbeds.



  • She resembles a Filipino Hero named Melchora Aquino, otherwise known as "Tandang Sora". Some say that she became a teacher too, but because of the war, she spent the last days of her life taking care of the wounded Katipuneros.
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Herbalist of Taku
35-100 AG
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