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A diagram of shanon process state, from lower left is patience, upper left is Love, lower right is Respect, upper right is courage, and the top is balance.

Shanon is the master of the Shanon style bending he teach this to his fellow settlers in Wulong Forest he never let his people go in to war using his technique they only use this for their business and trades for the benefits of themselves.

when his village was attack by raiders he unleash the secret of the shanon style bending, the shanon process state, that wipes out the raiders and the marked of the tyranny of Wu chan, one of his first students, Shanon never expects Wu chan to make a coup d'état because he knows that he can never lose.

he died because of old age and continue his legacy from his students now the Grand masters, it is true that he make the scrolls on how to unlock and control the shanon process state, it was given to the ten Grand masters, each process pillar has two parts and it was given by individuals.

As you can see he teaches his first ten students the shanon process state he even write it on a scroll he call it the scrolls of shanon. Shanon is an intelligent man he has no time for his love life, he cares for his teachings and beliefs, and even teach this to his students, shanon showed up to mau when he is on his last test the courage test. Shanon build his legacy and he was known through all Earth Kingdom but he died and his legacy falls to the ashes its up to the last shanon bender

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Please read and enjoy my fanon Avatar: The Forgotten Bender.

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