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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan.

Shang Jin the Bounty Hunter
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Earth Kingdom, Avatar Rong Yan, Aloi, Unaraq, Tanaraq, Captain Wei


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Bounty Hunter


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Book 2: Water Chapter 8: Captured

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Book 2: Water Chapter ??

Shang Jin is a bounty hunter that appears and later flees in chapter 8: Captured. He is also a minor character in the fanon Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan. Shang Jin will later appear in Book Two.


Shang Jin, had been hired by the king to find General Senlin, and capture him, only to bring him back to capital city for execution. Captain Wei had tagged along with Shang Jin, and together with three other troops had rode to an unnamed village where the events of the chapter "Captured" occurred.

Shang Jin and Captain Wei had arrived after General Senlin, Admiral Palartok, and Kimaru had stopped the ransacking of the small village. Finding multiple bodies of the attackers spread out across the village.

Shang Jin was baffled to think that three men were able to take out a gang of bandits. Though he was surprised and impressed, these men whoever they were must've been highly trained.

Upon reaching through his wanted poster, he had found that one of the men who had helped the village was none other than General Senlin. Devising a plan along with the captain, and his men, they capture the notorious General Senlin.

They leave the village with the general up in chains, heading back to Ba Sing Se. Along the way, Palartok and Kimaru notice that Senlin is gone. They think the Earth Kingdom troops had captured Senlin, since they found a wanted poster on the ground.

As they see the prints of the ostrich horses they follow. Shang Jin goes through with all of this. They reach a valley, and are ambushed by Kimaru and Palartok. Wondering why they had been tracked down..who finally makes out that Senlin of course will leave clues behind.

The fight gets dirty, and Shang Jin gets a little injured but has time to flee. Kimaru and Palartok kill off the other troops, and Senlin kills Wei. But by that time Shang Jin was already long gone.

It's not over yet, in the coming chapters, Senlin and his allies are now on a personal search for Shang Jin. If Shang Jin returns to Ba Sing Se alive, King Qiang Zhen will send his best men after Senlin.


Shang Jin was born a non-bender, but when he was young, he had a curious personality. One day, he had seen his older neighbor practicing with hook swords. When his neighbor had seen the boy watching him with awe, he asked the young boy if he wanted to learn to fight with hook swords.

From then on, Shang Jin was his neighbor's protege. His master had passed away when Shang Jin was 29. Shang Jin is the only student his master had, and is also an example of a well trained swordsman.



  • Shang Jin means "bounty" in Chinese.
  • In the comic version, Shang Jin had no name, and was just titled "The Bounty Hunter".

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