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Shan-Yu of the Mousha Quan
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68 (deceased)


727 BG


659 BG

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Haoke, Baotu the Crime Boss, Dixia gang, Hei Shichang gang, Qian Zei, Dufan

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Fanzui de laoban of the Mousha Quan gang


Mousha Quan gang

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Book 1: Water Chapter 13: The Tale of Two Gangs

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Book 1: Water Chapter 13: The Tale of Two Gangs

Shan-Yu is the current and now late Fanzui de laoban of the Mousha Quan gang. He controls over the northern lower ring of Ba Sing Se. He is a minor character in the fanon Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan. Shan-Yu is assassinated by Baotu, in a one on one duel.


Written down in history, as a myth Shan-Yu was a murderer. He established a gang with members who were willing to join and thought the same as he did. In 707 BG he created the Mousha Quan gang, and in five years he took control of the whole northern lower ring of Ba Sing Se.

Born into poverty in the Fire Nation, Shan-Yu was a kind young boy. At the age of five he witnessed a murder on the streets, he assumed it was right. At the age of ten, Shan-Yu discovered he was a firebender, but a unique one at that, by accident he had murdered both his parents, and had fled the scene. He lived on the streets until he was 16 years old. He stole from a noble and boarded a ship to the Earth Kingdom.

From the city of Taku, he traveled on a stolen ostrich horse, to the Earth Kingdom capital city of Ba Sing Se. There he became known as Shan-Yu from Su Kong Village an orphan boy. Throughout his teen years he had lived with a poor family but, never seemed fit to murder them.

Knowledge to what he knows what he is, at the age of eighteen he had went to a tattoo parlor, and paid for an artist to tattoo a third eye on his forehead. After that, Shan-Yu would leave the city occasionally to practice his firebending. He did not use his limbs, he simply inhaled, aimed, and exhaled, then a shot of fire would shoot from his head and explode.

At the age of twenty, Shan-Yu had left his foster family behind, and started life a new. He had built his own compound and searched for people with the same thoughts and views as he did. Turning his life to crime, because, of his unique ability and his thirst for murder. Shan-Yu had established a gang, that in today's history is feared by most, the Mousha Quan.

Everyone hates the Mousha Quan, for their impulsive murders.

The Death of Shan-Yu

The Dixia gang and the Hei Shichang gang, raid the Mousha Quan gang compound in the northern compound. The Hei Shichang and Dixia control the compound for hours, as Baotu kills their leader who happened to be an earthbender.

The earthbender was not Shan-Yu, it was a double. Shan-Yu was away from the compound at the time. That is when the Ba Sing Se Census, had erased any records on Shan-Yu, and he was later presumed dead.

Returning to the compound, he was safe able to do more crimes as he planned. People either said that Shan-Yu was a myth and/or a legend, or that he was killed by another gang leader. The Dixia and the Hei Shichang never heard reports of any activity from the Mousha Quan.

Assassination of Earth King Ta Po

It was around the time of Earth King Ta Po's assassination when Shan-Yu, came out of hiding. The day of General Senlin's escape from prison, is when the other gangs began to hear of all the crimes that the Mousha Quan had performed.

Shan-Yu had sent some Xinxian de Rous out assassinate the Earth King. They were mistaken and murdered by General Senlin, and Haoke. It is when Haoke and Senlin discovered that Shan-Yu was alive, when he had left a dead drop for them inside a stone chest, in the palace's study room.

Shan-Yu, was angered when he heard rumors that night that an escaped prisoner allied with the Dixia and the Hei Shichang had assassinated the Earth King.

Gang Wars

The days after the Earth King was assassinated, crime rates have gone through the roof, as more murders, thefts, abusive actions, and drug trafficking had occurred. Small riots would sometimes occur on the streets at night, killing off innocent citizens, and guards as well besides the gang members from either of the three gangs.

The Real Assassination of Shan-Yu

An attack led by the Hei Shichang and the Dixia, later took off to the streets and involved the Mousha Quan leader Shan-Yu. Reports from Dixia and Hei Shichang scouts have reported that Shan-Yu was indeed alive. And is defending his compound.

Baotu had arrived at the scene, and noticed that Shan-Yu, had Fire Nation tattoos, a third-eye tattoo, and various crow tattoos. He had remember he had seen that from somewhere.

Shan-Yu identifies himself as a Fire Nation orphan who fled from his village to Ba Sing Se. That Baotu didn't know what he was up against. He also told Baotu that he wasn't a firebender, he was a unique bender that was rarely seen in his home country.

Shan-Yu told Baotu that he can firebend with his mind. Inhaling to execute Baotu, a thick earth wall protected Baotu, when Shan-Yu had shot the wall, it crumbled but he flew back. Baotu and Shan-Yu battle it out until Qian Zei comes to aid Baotu.

They both kill Shan-Yu, and Qian Zei becomes badly injured.


Shan-Yu, was born a firebender with a unique use for his bending. He accidentally killed his parents by discovering his powers, he had exploded his home, killing them with the blast.

At the age of 18, when he lived in a foster home he left the city everyday to practice his combustionbending. After two years of practice, he had finally mastered combustionbending. Getting his third-eye tattoo, only giving him the identification of him being a combustionbender.

Like always, when he executed a traitor or went headhunting on his own, he use combustionbending on his enemies. Leaving no evidence that he had done the murder.


  • Unknown Parents (Mother and Father; Deceased)
  • Unknown Foster Family (Foster Mother, Foster Father, and Foster Sister; Foster Parents Deceased; Foster Sister Alive, Location Unknown)


Preceded by
None; Position Established
Mousha Quan Gang's Fanzui de laoban
707 BG - 659 BG
Succeeded by


  • Shan-Yu is named after the Hun leader, named Shan-Yu who is the main antagonist in the movie Mulan.
  • Shan-Yu is the first combustionbender in this series.

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